You’d think that after Ronnie destroyed Sammi’s belongings and stomped on her glasses, she’d get the hint that maybe the dude is a touch abusive. But the two Jersey Shore stars are back together once again, and even worse, Sammi continues to make excuses for Ronnie’s behavior. She tells Us Magazine “He’s a good person… Nobody’s perfect. I get out of hand, he gets out of hand.”

True, she did get out of hand, but nothing compared to Ronnie’s violent outburst. It all begs many questions:

Who’s worse? Ronnie for being a violent asshole, or Sammi for repeatedly going back to him?

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  1. Sammi for being a bitch. Seriously. I DO NOT feel sorry for girls who 1. make a dude lose his damn mind and 2. keep going back. But mostly I think it’s Sammi’s crazy that’s making Ronnie abusive. I know, typical abuse talk, but could YOU stand her voice.

    Plus, she likes the drama and conflict. The resolution seems to be what makes her feel needed. Apparently gorilla juiceheads don’t know how to make a girl feel wanted otherwise. Here’s a hint, Sammi, stop dating douchebags! There are legit dudes out there who are nice and make you feel wanted/needed/special/beautiful/wonderful even without you making it dramatic. And I bet they’re over four foot.

    However, Sammi will never be happy. And her voice will make a normal dude lose his mind. So chances are she won’t hang onto a nice guy anyway. And Sammi seems incapapble of being alone.

    I feel sorry for her.

    And Ronnie for being near her.

    Hot mess. If she comes back to the show, I’m done watching. So keep recapping the episodes!

    1. Yes, they’re both equally crazy but you def are talking in typical abuser speak. It doesn’t matter how crazy she is, she’s not MAKING Ronnie act like an abuser. If I acted like that toward my boyfriend he wouldn’t react with that psychoness Ron is exhibiting. Her behavior doesn’t excuse his.

      Whatever, they’re both psycho and I don’t feel sorry for them.

      1. I agree. BUT, she’s abusive, too. I mean, I’ve never hit a boyfriend. Not that she deserves to be berated, but he also doesn’t deserve to be hit. I think the whole thing’s a toxic, co-dependent mess.

  2. They are both equally bad. There have been numerous “Blind Items” about an anonymous MTV couple, that everyone around them knows there’s physical abuse involved.
    Sam decided long ago she and Ron were going to be together forever. She will toss “let’s break up” out there a million times, knowing he won’t- at least not for any amount of time. He does the exact same thing.
    They thrive off of each others misery. It isn’t one or the other- it’s both of them.

  3. I just read an article yesterday where she states she is no longer dating Ronnie and they are not together. How I wish that were true and that this is bogus. But knowing Sammi and her low self esteem, it’s probably true.

  4. I wonder if they stick together because they feel like, aside from the other cast mates, that all they have are each other. They are in such a unique situation being on a reality show and having sudden fame and money, perhaps they feel that no one else will understand? Or they are just dumbasses.

  5. It’s time for the Jersey Shore to end it’s run. Sam and Ron are just poison for themselves and everyone else.

  6. On Sammi’s Twiiter she wrote: Im a strong SINGLE independent woman. & Why can’t tabloids get their stories right? SMH
    So I am hoping they are NOT together!

  7. Please please please Dear God do not let them reproduce. For the love of all that is good DO NOT let these two get pregnant.

  8. There not crazy there growing,I know I know seems dumb to say but think about it there young,seems a little over dramatic the way they act but I back them up 100% they just need therapy,there in love &&nnd god puts them together for a reason

  9. They love eachother…both should get some anger management help….actually I am routing for them, the drama between them made the show, when Sam left it was sad & boring, but a’s soon a’s she came back the show livened up again… Sammi and Ron were starting off good until that stupid text nonsense, big deal if she texted him after her and Ron split, doesn’t even compare to how badly Ron treated her i’n Miami and at the shore, breaking her glasses was heartbreaking, she deserved to go out and dance and have fun getting all the attention! But I was happy to hear they are back together, eventho she deserves a way better man for sure!

  10. Anyone know where to find that really cute blue floral dress that sammi wore to Aztec?

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