We got a situation here. During last week’s episode of Jersey Shore, roving cameras caught Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino snorting what appeared to be coke off his gold crucifix. Either that or he truly enjoys smelling Jesus.

Fork Party, who first noticed the peculiar sniffing, states that “Radar Online knows the identity of the Jersey Shore cast member that is allegedly buying the drugs (in Miami it was incredibly easy to do), but they have not published it publicly.” Hmmm… who could it be? Let’s see: is there anyone in the house who is particularly moody? Yes. Is there anyone who always seems to have a stuffed nose? Yes. Is there anyone whose name rhymes with Shmonnie? Yes. I know I have my leading candidates.

Of course, this is all based on speculation. Could be clean, harmless fun!

No comment from MTV.

For more details, check out the full story here.

Thanks for heads up, IndianJones

4 replies on “MTV Shows The Situation Doing Coke, Allegedly”

  1. Didn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character in Cruel Intentions hide her coke in a crucifix that came apart to allow for easy snorting? That’s what I’m invisioning the Situation to be using…

  2. It looks like he’s biting on something? And that hand looks like it’s from anther person. He’s probably making out with some girl’s hand. He’s so weird.

    I don’t doubt he’s doing coke. I’d put Ronnie on the top of the list, though, just like you B. Especially in Miami.

    1. I would go with Ronnie too, that goes double for “especially in Miami”. His eyes were dancing the entire time. His “interviews” were disturbingly hilarious.

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