10 replies on “Guess Who This Model Is”

  1. Who thought it would be a good idea to have that “hair-nado” whirling above her head?
    I’m surprised it didn’t have an advertisement for Zaaaaarin Fabrics attached to it.

  2. wow. they’ve found the one model whose outside is actually uglier than her insides. and that’s saying a lot considering how ugly jill zarin’s insides are.

  3. I used to think Jill had been in for a bit of ‘freshening up’ between seasons, but maybe all the excess facial skin is just twisted really tight into the base of that bun (which is large enough to also contain a handbag, Ally and the entire borough of Queens).

    Polyestor hair aside, it’s actually a fun outfit and she looks good. Bonus ten points for not looking like she was sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor ala Ramona last season.

  4. She looks like an idiot. Almost as stupid as she looked in her skating outfit. Someone needs to let her know she’s over 25.

  5. Let’s see: “renewed” look – check! modeling gig – check!sassy hairdo – check! Jill Zarin is now just one bottle of pinot grigio away from becoming Ramona Singer.

    That said, I am digging the hair. It’s a runway, people, not a sidewalk in Omaha. This is the place to be playful and avant garde.

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