Great news! KCBS Serene Branson — the one who became a worldwide trend on Twitter after she spoke gibberish live on the air — is fine! KCBS released a statement saying that paramedics checked her out, and all her vital signs were good. A friend drove her home to be on the safe side, but as far as we know, Serene did not have a stroke.

Of course, this still makes us wonder what DID actually go wrong? Brain ailment? Or just the strangest case of nerves ever?

This is important. I can’t effectively blog until I know the proper tone to take: mocking or sympathetic.

More details here.

5 replies on “CBS Reporter Serene Branson Is Fine, Possibly Possessed”

  1. I think you have to be sympathetic here! That was just too weird to be a goof on her part. Something was clearly off. Glad she is okay!

  2. Maybe this is what is known as speaking in tongues? I’m not that religious, so I don’t know a lot about it.

  3. Awww, what happened to that comedian guy who decoded her gibberish? Where is the post?

    I was going to show it to people and it’s gone!! Can we at least have a link?

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