8 replies on “New York City ‘Housewives’ Attempt To Out-Kooky Each Other”

  1. Eek! Ramona looks crazier than ever and Mario looks just plain creepy. And, I had to do a double-take with Jill. Is it me or is she looking very ‘refreshed’ as they say? I think she got jealous with all the attention the BH wives are getting and joined the plastic surgery parade. I swear, everyone is starting to look alike.

    I am dying to see the episode on this and learn why Alex calls Sonja a ‘thug in a cocktail dress!’

    1. Jill has been looking like that for a while now – probably since their reunion. If I ever need it, I want her plastic surgeon. She looks different but not tragic like the Beverly hills women.

  2. Mario is looking better all the time. If I squint my eyes he looks a little like George Clooney… and Ramona and her bug eyes, she just can’t win.
    But most bizarre has to go to…..Jill and the stupid tiny hat with boa attached—–the tiny hat is such a huge last year accesory.. I am ashamed Jill even went there.

  3. holy cow! I kept thinking that Jill looked like mallard mouth from OC housewives. Can’t remember her real name, the new religious one married to the pawn guy.

  4. Ramona looks like she could kill you with those scary laser eyes. She and Taylor Swift should really compare notes so maybe Taylor could open her eyes more and Ramona could keep hers closed more.

  5. Jill’s tiny hat is one of my favourite things of the year. Amazing. Although, I’m not convinced that that is actually Jill Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrin and not her long lost younger sister. She looks about 25 there!

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