Because the mango splitter has proven to be something of a curiosity for the readers here on this site, I decided to make another video that would further demonstrate the glory of the device. This time around, I removed the stone from two different mangoes. With one I used a splitter; with the other a knife. I timed both methods, and furthermore, I weighed the mangoes before and after to measure what percentage of flesh each attempt yielded. It should be noted that I only counted the flesh that was NOT attached to the stone after each procedure. The results are in the video.

Thanks to IndianJones for the surprisingly steady video work.

13 replies on “Mango Splitter vs. Knife”

  1. Hmm..I don’t buy a lot of mangos, but could you not just take out the stone the same way you do an avocado? Slice it all the way around in one line, twist the sides apart, then use a spoon (or a sharp knife whacked onto it) to get out the pit?

      1. I think I’ve only bought a mango once, and pretty much butchered it anyway. I’d go for the splitter, regardless of what AB says. 🙂

  2. I just don’t understand why your career as a research scientist never took off.

  3. Cutting with a knife is some caca!!! Whoever doesnt believe after watching this is just plain stupid…Splitter We Love You!! THE END!!!

  4. I think the people griping have just not had a lot of experience with mangoes. Mangoes are just not very big in the US. It is my fave fruit in all it’s different varieties. Didn’t think you needed to do this comparison just because using a knife or the splinter is a no-brainer. But I guess people just have to complain about everything for such is life…


    first, i think the conclusion is you are a jackass. but seriously, this splitter wouldnt work on a strawberry mango, which are the smaller ones.

    second, all this proves is you have no knife skills, and will never learn if you rely on a mango splitter. then one day you’ll be on survivor and the challenge will be who can use a knife to cut up twenty mangos and balance them on a stick the longest and you will lose because you NEVER LEARNED HOW TO USE A KNIFE!


  6. This mango splitter seems like a godsend. Who hasn’t struggled with cutting a mango, giving up, and being forced to bite into the core? Sure, jash, he could learn to use a knife but it won’t help him cut mangoes next time if his fingers are chopped off.

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