No she DOESN’T!

Oprah Winfrey has crossed the line. She hates The Real Housewives.. “I think that there are people who want to be fed just a little more,” she tells Parade magazine in the most recent issue. The assumption, of course, is that Oprah has so much more to offer. Perhaps she does, but it’s not like her talk show is a bastion of upmarket entertainment. A line has been drawn, Oprah, and I don’t know if it can ever be erased.

To read more about what Oprah has to say about Bravo’s hit franchise, check out the full story here.

18 replies on “NOT COOL: Oprah Hates ‘The Housewives’”

  1. B-

    I know you saw when The Soup made fun of her for thinking $100.00 was affordable and within budget for the average person. Yeah, I’m sure she’s really in touch with what America wants.

    1. I remember her saying something about saving $1,000+ to renovate a room in like 2003 ish (back when Trading Spaces was so popular). She was like “we all have it, its that handbag we decide not to buy one day.” She is so out of touch with reality!

  2. Oprah isn’t quitting her talk show because she is tired of telling us how we are supposed to think for an hour each day. She’s quitting so she can do it 24/7.

  3. Maybe I’m the one out of touch here, but I still don’t get how Oprah is so wildly popular…I mean, I certainly Oprah in theory but I’ve never actually watched her show since…you know…I work. Aren’t most people at work at 4pm?

    1. I guess there are millions who are retired, unemployed, or work second or third shifts. Maybe that’s another reason she’s starting OWN — which, BTW, will cause your cable bill to go up if your cable company chooses to carry it. OWN will charge a higher fee than Discovery Health, which it is replacing. So Oprah can afford to buy another $1000 handbag. The more I read about this woman, the less I like her.

    2. ummm, they do this crazy thing called TIVO. it’s awesome. you like program the TIVO for the show you want to watch and it tapes it for you and you can watch it whenever you want. you should try it!

      1. Sorry, I’m so far outside the Oprah universe (and outside the TIVO universe, I guess) that I can’t imagine someone going to the effort of recording and setting aside time in their day to watch Oprah’s show. I’m still fuming at a quote of hers I read earlier in the week regarding her stance toward cable operators that are taking a “watch and see” approach before deciding to carry OWN: “They’ll just have to pay more.” Thanks, Oprah. My cable bill isn’t high enough already. I want my cable company to pass through the higher subscription fees for another channel I won’t watch.

  4. Oprah followers are bandwagon jumpers. Whatever she says is good, they all rush out to buy or read or do. Whatever she says is bad, they shun. Make sure you stay on Oprah’s good side or else…

  5. I am just happy to find my kind of people here — people who do not think that Oprah poops sunshine and unicorns. Frankly, it is not only Oprah that offends me, but also all of her horrible offspring, such as “Dr.” Phil and the book club. Seriously, if you were already suffering from depression when you joined the book club you would have offed yourself by the time you got to the second Wally Lamb novel.

    1. Dr. Phil is ridiculous and his wife needs a new pantsuit.
      Not a fan of Dr. Oz and his pooping commentaries.
      And I am a little iffy on Nate Berkus these days.



  7. Guys, Ben just thinks it is NOT COOL that Oprah knocked ‘The Housewives’. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to start an i-hate-oprah theme in the comments. LOL.

  8. Jeez guys! Not an oprah fan but def not a HW fan either. Those vacuous blonds need to put on some weight AND get a life. Why are we hero worshipping these skinny ladies anyway. Just my opinion. I’m allowed to have one, right?

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