Nicholas Cage Rants And Screams, Is Funny

Hey everyone, it’s Nicholas Cage screaming at a friend outside of a club in Europe! Fun times!

Amusingly, last week I wound up getting invited to a party at Nicholas Cage’s house. I went expecting to see the sort of craziness exhibited above, but lo and behold, it was merely just a party at Nicholas Cage’s house, not a Nicholas Cage party. The event seemed to be thrown by a bunch of Europeans wearing onesies. Yes, onesies. I still don’t know who was throwing the party nor why there were so many Norwegians there, but I was glad to have experienced the spectacle. It surely constituted one of the strangest evenings I’ve had here in LA. But hey, the view was amazing!

Thanks to IndianJones for the link.

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  1. Wow–he has some anger issues… So, was there a lot of paintings with fist-sized holes in them at his house?

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