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Last week I was invited to the “Holiday Media Breakfast for Dinner” held at The Griddle Café here in Hollywood, and naturally I was very excited. The Griddle Café is known for having the best pancakes in LA (not to mention some killer French toast), and back in the day, I used to frequent this fine establishment every single weekend just to enjoy those giant flapjacks again and again. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t the only one who loved The Griddle. Word has certainly spread over the years, and now epic lines fill the sidewalk. It’s not often that I have the willpower to wait so long for those tasty tasty pancakes, which is why I was so excited to get a chance to visit the Griddle line-free last week and grab some nice, carby grub for dinner. Pictures, including an unexpected Avatar photobomb after the jump…

Here I am with a Monster energy drink. I believe the event was to partly promote Monster’s new line of Java concoctions. I’m not a major energy drink lover, but I was willing to try this bad boy out.

Moment of suspense…

I actually liked it, despite what appears to be a look of concern on my face. This was the “Vanilla Light” flavor, which my friend Richard and I agreed was the superior offering (we tried about three different flavors).

We were a liiiiiittle buzzed.

Richard double-fisting his energy drinks.

Here’s my dinner: a red velvet pancake. I’d never tried this offering before, and given that a) I love red velvet cake, and b) I’ve already tried pretty much every other pancake on the menu, I decided I’d be adventurous…

Richard opts for a more classic strawberry waffle experience. I, of course, detest berries; so this is not appealing to me, but I take a picture anyway because I know the rest of the world population is probably salivating over it.

Also joining the party are these lovely glasses of champagne. I’m happy to report The Griddle staff is prone to a heavy pour…

Here I am posing with my food. And wait… who’s that over my shoulder?

SAM WORTHINGTON. Unfortunately, we only have this profile angle, but I am 99% sure it was him (he actually changed seats and wound up directly in my eye-line). Evidence to support the theory: he was Australian, and he looked exactly like SAM WORTHINGTON. Rumor is fact, right?

Anyway, dinner at The Griddle was certainly good times. I wouldn’t say the red velvet pancake was my favorite — I think I’ll stick with my tried and true Eyes Wide Open short stack in the future — but the meal was fun, and it was great to be back on my old stomping grounds. Thank you to The Griddle and Monster for putting it together. And Sam Worthington, if this was not you, I’m sorry. But it was you; so let’s stop this charade, mmkay?

Update #1: Michelle Collins, professional bubble-burster, sent me this link which clearly shows that Sam Worthington’s nose is different from the above guy’s nose.

Update #2: The professional Sam Worthington stalkers at SamWForum informed me of this: “Sam’s in NYC filming #manonaledge & I don’t think he’s had any time away from the shoot for a week or two at least. 🙁 xxx”

Celebrity sighting EPIC FAIL

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  1. I love The Griddle! Everytime I visit LA I wait in the long line for the awesome french toast. I guess if I lived there the line would get old, but it, like Pinks, has become a tradition for me everytime I go. And once I even saw Ian Ziering there, so that was fun.

  2. The Vanilla Light pairs well with the Vanilla Ice lines shaved in your sideburns. It’s been 6 weeks now. Are you getting concerned it’s never goign to grow back?

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