IndianJones, Katie, and I me. Gray is so HOT right now.

Exciting news: our old friend Katie from TVgasm has just landed her very own reality show on the TV Guide Network! We all know what this means: brrrrragggg central! But seriously, Katie is a major character, and I have no doubt she’ll be hilarious on her series, which will follow her as she balances both her nail salon, The Painted Nail, and her boyfriend Walter.

For more details, check out the full article here:

TV Guide: TV Guide Network Green-Lights First Original Reality Series

Congrats, Katie!

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    1. Well, it’s not really a complete sentence so either should be acceptable. If it said “this is a picture of Indian Jones, Katie and I” then I would join in your derision at this Ivy League Grad who has written perhaps 200 words all day and botched one of them. But, if it were “Indian Jones, Katie and I are in this picture” then Ben lives to blog another day.

  1. Can you find a way to be on her show B? I love Katie, so remind us when it premiers so I can watch it.

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