It Is A Fashion EMUUUUURGENCY, And It Needs To Be Evacuated!

Let’s face it: when it first aired, The Fashion Show was a miserable attempt by Bravo to replace Project Runway. I don’t know of anyone who missed its presence (as opposed to Top Design and Kell on Earth, which have been woefully absent for entirely too long). However, Bravo decided to give one more swing at fashion, and this time they plugged Iman into the mix. The result? Hard to say, but after seeing umpteen promos with her scowling “IT IS A FASHION EMUUUUURGENCY, AND IT NEEDS TO BE EVACUATED!!” I can assure you that I’m already pretty sold. At the very least I’ll be sampling tonight’s premiere. Above, check out a clip of Iman welcoming the designers in her trademark scary way, and after the jump check out another clip of the designers cursing each other out. Fun!

3 replies on “It Is A Fashion EMUUUUURGENCY, And It Needs To Be Evacuated!”

  1. It sure looks like a big twist on Project Runway with possiblities. Maybe I can remember to watch it since it’s Bravo.
    Someow I can never remember PR on Lifetime and when I did remember their 90 version seemed too long.

  2. I am sorry, but whenever I hear Iman say that line. I seriously want to punch her in the face, but I am a closeted violent person so maybe I just like to imagine punching people in the face.

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