We love young romance, and we also love Whitney Port. That being said, we also love gay speculation, and it seems like all three of these things have been bundled up into an egg roll of intrigue that has left us asking “Is Whitney dating a gay dude?” A gallery of Whit-Whit with her new man, Ben Nemtin, has the gossip wags sharpening their knives. Exhibits A through Z can be found here:

Socialite Life: Whitney Port Is Dating A Gay Man

13 replies on “QUICK HIT: Is Whitney Port The Girl With No Gaydar?”

  1. seriously?

    i know you didnt write the post being linked to (but you linked to it), but it is pretty sad that they are going for the ‘easy gay jokes’ about a guy just because he is pretty and has some sense of style.

    who knew the tea party got into gossip blogging.

  2. That swimsuit isn’t small enough or tight enough for him to be gay.

    (Written by a gay man who has two small, tight swimsuits.)

  3. That’s Ben from MTV’s The Buried Life ! It’s a show that features 4 guys who have a list of 100 things they want to do before they die. In its first season, this dude impersonated Christiano Ronaldo to get into the Playboy Mansion and tried to ask out Megan Fox. I’m prettyyy sure he’s not gay ? But who knows

  4. Not sure about the gay thing but they are two of the whitest mushiest people I’ve seen in a long time…or maybe I have been watching Jersey Shore too long! Ugh

  5. gaydar activated for me, first pic, she is trying to get attention, he is not responding. second pic, she has cellulite. Its just too strange.

    1. I love you T-man!!! I had to look at all the pics and I kept coming back to his chest and thinking why does it look so off to me? You pegged it for me. 🙂

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