30 Rock Live: Did It Work?

30 Rock went live last night on NBC, and the reviews have not been the kindest ever. Personally, I enjoyed the energy of it all, but about midway through, it started to lag a touch. Still, not a total failure. If anything, the experiment showed that single-camera comedies really need to stay single camera (although the clever solution for Liz’s flashbacks was pretty hilarious). That being said, there was something fantastic about watching the actors play off the audience. It almost made me pine for the traditional sitcom. And yes, I’m aware that there are plenty of sitcoms on the air with studio audiences. But they’re never as funny (and let’s face it, most of the laughter comes from a track).

What did you think about the show?

9 replies on “30 Rock Live: Did It Work?”

  1. yeah, did not care for it.

    almost everything fell flat and the studio audience was annoying.

    that old christine chick was the only good part.

    1. Agree. Unwatchable. If I’d had some of the Seinfeld money things may have been different.

  2. Blech. Didn’t work for me. 30 Rock is full of so many wonderful lines that you couldn’t catch. The whole thing was loud, chaotic, and a straight up mess. But I appreciate the thought.

  3. I guess I am one of the few that enjoyed it a lot. I thought they were all great and was one of the funnier episodes.

  4. I second HoneyBunny.

    I liked it overall, mostly for how it pointed out how much ‘production’ goes into the shows we watch.

    Side note that no one but myself will care about: I’d be happy to lend Jon Hamm a hand anytime.

  5. I’m in the loved it camp; I laughed out loud pretty regularly. My husband, though, who is losing a bit more of his hearing each day, was lost through most of it, even in rewinding…BTW, we saw the East Coast iteration.

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