If you’ve never seen The King of Kong then this item will probably have no resonance for you. But if you have (and I highly recommend that you see it), you will be delighted to learn that Steve Wiebe has regained the title of Donkey Kong World Record Holder from the evil hands of Billy MItchell! Seriously, watch the movie, and this news will make you cheer in your seat.

Further details here:

GamePro: Steve Wiebe once again the King of Kong

3 replies on “QUICK HIT: Steve Wiebe Rules Again!”

  1. Omg, so exciting!!! That is one of my favorite documentaries of all time and I was so sad when I heard that Billy Mitchell had taken the title away from Steve. I keep meaning to drive up to that arcade in N.H. where they had the final showdown in the film.

    1. Um, the Fun Spot/American Classic Arcade Museum is amazing. Not only can you play just about any arcade video game you can name, they have an entire wall of pinball machines, skee ball galore, candle pin bowling (the best of all forms of bowling since hardly anybody is actually any good at it AND you can knock down pins on gutter balls) and New Hampshire-themed miniature golf. Make the trip!

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