So This Is Awesome: “F**K YOU” By CeeLo

One of my many, many Twitter followers just sent me a link to this song, and I have to admit, it’s awesome. Sure, there’s that whole novelty element of a song called “F**K YOU” featuring a chorus that bellows “I see you driving ’round town / with the girl I love / and I’m like / Fuck You! / ooo ooo ooo,” but truth is that this tune is more than just shock value. It’s really, really good! It kind of makes you want to get up and dance, embrace life, and maybe, just maybe wave your middle finger at someone.

So if you’re feeling particularly soulful or just want to curse off an adversary, please enjoy the above song. And yes, it is NSFW.

Thanks to run_t_run for the heads up!

11 replies on “So This Is Awesome: “F**K YOU” By CeeLo”

  1. Have I ever mentioned my EXTREME affection for Cee-Lo Green? And it’s not just because he reminds me of the J-Unit I’ve created in my mind. I didn’t get the nickname “Jungle Fever Mama” for nothin’. HOT.

  2. great song and a video to go with that is wonderful! i’m getting up in years and can’t always hear or make out the lyrics . . . love the video.

  3. Now with this library filled with kids (storytime) I have this song in my head and it’s hard for me not to just shout these catchy lyrics out loud for all to hear!

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