I didn’t photocap Jersey Shore last week because a) I was traveling, and b) nothing really happened beyond a ridiculous argument, courtesy of Angelina. Don’t worry though. I will soon be ramping up my Jersey coverage, and in the meantime, please enjoy the wonderful parallels that my friend Louis at Movieline has drawn between the likes of our favorite Seaside Heights denizens and their counterparts in the Mushroom Kingdom. Kind of brill, if you ask me.

Movieline: Does Every Jersey Shore Cast Member Have a Super Mario Counterpart?

2 replies on “Movieline Makes The Inevitable ‘Jersey Shore’ / Super Mario Bros. Connection”

  1. “Bowser’s brattiest daughter is unamused with just about everything. Though their entitlement brings them power, they’re truly the biggest grenades of all.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Sammi annoys me.

    And I realize the fact that I’m so emotionally invested in this show is embarrassing. But still. Sammi and Angelina make the show more annoying than entertaining.

    I’ll take Pauly, Vinny, The Sitch and Snooki any day!

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