Which celebrity is happily giving a shout-out to this very blog via wine bottle? The answer is after the jump…


It’s Jeff Schroeder! Formerly of Big Brother and The Amazing Race, Jeff now stars in Around The World For Free, a CBS web series where he must voyage across the globe by relying on nothing but the kindness of strangers.

Last night, Jeff stayed with B-Side Blog readers Mark and Beth in Dallas. Mark writes, “Remember we told you we found a bottle of wine called B Side? We drank it last night with Jeff and crew and it was great! We’re having a really cool time. He’s a nice guy.” Before hitting the vino, however, Jeff posed with the bottle as a little shout out to this site. Thanks Jeff! And thanks Mark and Beth for the photos!

Here’s one more:


40 replies on “Guess Who’s Holding This Bottle of B-Side Wine?”

  1. He’s wearing a grey V-neck t-shirt. The only other people from the BB house I’ve seen wearing that are Dustin and Regan. Just sayin…

  2. Oh Jeff, how I long for your quips and jabs and stones.

    Mark & Beth – I am grateful for your sharing & mad jealous of your experience.

    b-side has the best fans. well, except for that weird LQ who shows up occasionally.


    1. Lydia is that you? Chima? Nastalie? Not surprising you do have the guts to use an identifable screen name, hater.

  3. Very cool! You know you’ve made it when you have a wine named after you. What’s next B?

    and Hey – I’m in Dallas. Who are Mark and Beth and how do I get on their guest list?

  4. Yep, Jeff is staying with the second member of our BB addicts group. We’re so proud and happy for Tina (Washington DC) and Beth (Dallas)! And Jeff is lucky for getting to stay with and know them.

  5. One of the best looking BB guys, with the best sense of humor and accent.
    Hear that, Kristin??

  6. Shit! Jeff was in Dallas and I didn’t know? I missed a primo stalking opportunity. Boo.

  7. It’s so great to see Jeff hasn’t put on any weight since the last time we saw him.

    1. Thank GOD for that, BS. What worries me is that there’s no mention of Jordan’s weight.

  8. I just spoke to Jeff on the phone! I can assure you he is super friendly. Plus, we conferenced in my friend Laura, who’s his super fan. She was so surprised she could barely get a sentence out. It was hilarious!

    Thanks for checking out the blog, Jeff!

    1. I see Jeff tweeted he is on his way to L.A. and still nowhere to stay. You should totally hang with him a day or two when he is there. I know i would pee my pants if he were to stay with me so keep some depends on hand just in case.

    1. everyone track it down and send BS your pictures with it, like the ubiquitous garden gnome. It would be very similar to how the folks at thinkgeek get actual pictures of customers with their product. Except that they enjoy the monetary proceeds and our beloved blogger wouldn’t really get anything except some bragging rights maybe?

  9. OMG – that is so awesome!! Love Jeff – could look at him all day…sigh. 🙂

    As a first time poster on this site I must profess my profound love for this blog. LOVE this blog – LOVE b-side!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. I’m so disappointed — I thought it was going to be Joey Lawrence…

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