It’s that time again! CSN Stores will be furnishing me with an $80 gift certificate to use with its vendors in return for a review on this site. This is fantastic news because now my dream of having a slow cooker AND an ice cream maker could come true (assuming the ice cream maker doesn’t sell out, in which case I’ll be devastated).

The ice cream maker in question costs $69.95 (with free shipping), which leaves only about $10 to spend elsewhere on the site. Right now I’ve singled out a gratin dish to fill out the order, but I’m curious as to what other cheap items people recommend I choose. Take a look at and tell me if you spot anything for less than $10 that I should DEFINITELY have. Leave your suggestions in the comments. And no, they’re not paying me to send you all en masse to their website.

I’m curious to see what y’all come up with!

15 replies on “WHAT SHOULD I BUY? Cheap-o Edition”

    1. I side with Susan. A rolling pin, especially one of this quality, will serve you better than the Vodka bottle you have used in the past. 😉

      1. Alas, thanks to that vodka bottle, I have now received two pins as gifts. Don’t think I need a third!

  1. Calphalon Dual Edge Cheese Plane $9.95. I use mine all the time. In fact I have several for the various cheeses I serve.

  2. Silicone Baking Mat – $9.00
    It’s great for baking, but also as a non-stick surface for rolling dough or working with anything sticky. You’ll use it a lot and it doesn’t take up space

    Progressive International Silicone Baking Mat – BMAT-10

  3. Be sure you have enough room in the freezer section of the ‘fridge for the ice cream maker container. It has to be very cold for the maker to work.

  4. I would get a quality paring knife. They have a few at the site that would work in your $10 budget.

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