VIDEO: Epic Real Housewives of New Jersey Brawl — All Nine Unbe-WEAVE-able Minutes!

I just watched tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, and before I even write up the photocap, I must implore everyone to watch this fight again. It’s amazing. But only because it’s so ridiculous.

Yay TV!

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  1. Sooooo awesome. I love how (not) effective the bodyguard was! When he carried her to the car I was having Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston flashes and couldn’t stop laughing. I loved how the cop seemed to care less about her weave being pulled. They were trying to find the real ‘altercation’ aside from a few torn extensions. Kim G’s “CALM DOWN!!!! ::SHAKESHAKESHAKE::” had me cracking up. What a hot mess that all was.

  2. Loved it !!!! Love you!!!!!
    Danielle manic, B.S. “scary” B.
    She runs like drunk drag queen!
    I’m inspired. Theresa was wrong but
    Danielle cowed to the high-school level
    bullying way to easy. What happened
    to the “women” who we all know she
    used to be! Man up, Mary!

  3. Next episode she’ll be in that shit hole of a big house that’s falling down around her asking her kids if they love her because no one else does and the cruel world is just going to take Mommy away from them if they don’t tell her they love her this very instant. It’s all about presentation on the outside (and fake at that)….but scratch the surface and there is one hell of an emotional train wreck mess in there. Like Crazy Kelly of NY, they both need to just go find a nice little place far away from the cameras and get some help with the Borderline Personality Disorder they both suffer from. It’s makes great TV, but it’s the daughters I feel bad for.

  4. At some point it’s not about Danielle anymore, and it’s just about thinking you have a free pass to be a bitch. And re: Jacqueline Laurita, I believe she sent mixed messages to Ashley, and probably has her whole life. She seems to act one way when Chris isn’t there, and another when he is. No one came out of this mess looking better. Idiots, the lot of them!

  5. Such great drama. Train-wreck-tastic! However I wanted some blood on the floor. I’m just a tad let down that the assault was hair being pulled.

    No one got out of that mess looking good. Teresa is one scary bitch – so good at pushing buttons. Jacqueline is all over the place – hates Danielle – but I think still enjoying all the drama. I totally agree with OnBakerStreet. Ashley is a little spoiled punk.

    And then there’s Danielle. I loved that she threw the forclosure thing in Teresa’s face, but she is totally delusional if she thinks that those women are out to kill her.

  6. B-side, can hardly wait for your recap. While I was watching last night, I kept thinking B-side and Joel McHale are going to have a field day with this crap!

  7. Teresa and Jacqueline on Andy Cohen were hysterical. Making fun of Danielle’s lesbian relationship and explaining their side of the fight! I couldn’t stop laughing @ them! Can’t wait for your recap….partly for the laughs and you take on the episode, but also cause I’m bored @ work today.

  8. This episode was so fantastic and totally worth the wait!

    Teresa knew what she was doing, she would have only been happier if Danielle had thrown a punch instead of running for her life. And Ashley was just looking for the moment that she could get her grubby little hands on Danielle – I feel like she had probably been thinking about what she would do if such a moment arose where she could assault Danielle, but figured that pulling her extensions was the safest route, since in her eyes that wasn’t a “part” of Danielle, so it meant she didn’t do anything wrong.

    Loved it!!

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