Not too long ago, I made a bold proclamation. I labeled the glazed buttermilk donut at Tasty Donuts the BEST DONUT IN LOS ANGELES. I was met with resistance from many, especially those who suggested that I may have upset the entire food blogging community by not kowtowing to what is widely accepted as the home of the best donuts in LA, Donut Man. Here’s the thing though: I’ve never been to Donut Man, and I’m not sure I want to drive 34.5 miles to try it (and by the way, the Glendora location is truly testing the geographic limits of claiming to be the best donuts in Los Angeles).

Nevertheless, all my raving about the glazed buttermilk donuts piqued the curiosity of my friend Jenny, whose tasty site Dessert Darling is devoted almost exclusively to — you guessed it — desserts. She immediately expressed interest in trying the much hyped donut, and soon we agreed on a joint tasting session. After a few false starts (it’s amazing how tricky it is to coordinate a simple donut date in LA), we finally met up. Jenny could test the donut for herself, and I could defend its honor, should I need to.

The plan was for me to pick up two glazed buttermilk donuts and then head to Jenny’s house, which is conveniently located around the corner from my barber (who I would be seeing immediately after the donut tasting; so pardon my unkempt locks). Immediately, however, we hit a snafu. When I went to Tasty Donuts to grab the items in question, I learned that the humble vendor WAS OUT OF THEM. Disaster! What to do? Well, as it turned out, the donut shop did have something quite similar: a glazed buttermilk donut with crumbles and a light dusting of cinnamon on top. I couldn’t vouch for it, but I decided it was close enough. I grabbed two donuts and headed off to Dessert Darling’s headquarters.

First things first: we are confronted by an all important decision. Which plates shall the donuts sit on?

After some minor discussion about plating and placemat choice, we are ready to taste.

My mouth is watering all over again.

Taking my first bite. It’s always a moment tinged with excitement when it comes to these donuts.

Dessert Darling prepares for her first bite.

Cheesing out with our donuts.

The verdict? Well, as usual, it was pretty damn awesome. I must admit that this batch wasn’t quite as AMAZING as others I’ve had, but that’s because I think the donuts had been sitting around a little bit. Obviously, fresh is better, but still, this donut on a bad day kicks the asses of many on their best.

Jenny wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as I was, but then again, unless you’re a rabid wolverine who hasn’t been fed in three days, it’s hard to be as enthusiastic as I am about the donuts. Nevertheless, Jenny did give the donuts her highest ranking (5 cherries); so clearly she was a fan. Check out her full review here.

As if noshing on donuts weren’t enough, Jenny also supplied some extra treats for further review: cookies from Milk!

For those not from Los Angeles, Milk is a delectable ice cream shop (where I may or may not have taken part of an ambush on Ellen Pompeo and TR Knight). There is no doubt that Milk serves up the best brownie and blondie sundaes in the city. However, I must admit that I’ve never ventured beyond said offerings; so when Jenny busted out two different cookies from the shop, I was excited. One was a chocolate chip variety. The other was a peanut butter something-or-another. How could you go wrong?

Very easily, as it turns out. The chocolate chip one tasted, for lack of a better word, WEIRD. It sort of reminded me of the Frookies of yore, which is not what I’m looking for from Milk. Jenny and I both deduced that some of the traditional, unhealthy ingredients had been swapped out, resulting in the odd flavor. The cookie’s only saving grace was the copious amount of chocolate chips, which redeemed the cookie to a certain degree. I will note also that after a few bites, my palate did adjust to this strange cookie — so all wasn’t lost. But I’m not going out of my way to get another.

As for the peanut butter cookie, it committed what I consider to be the greatest cookie sin: IT CRUMBLED APART IN MY FINGERS. This is the sign of a reduced fat, fat free, or vegan atrocity. I hate nothing more than a dry, cakey cookie that disintegrates into a thousand crumbs mid-bite. That’s what this one did. Sure, there was peanut butter flavor, but what’s even the point if you’re spending more time trying to keep the damn thing intact instead of enjoying it? Definite cookie fail on that front.

The good news is that Milk always has its ice cream to fall back on, and to that end, the place should do just fine. In fact, I might just go get myself a bowl of it right now. It’s wicked hot today, y’all!

To read Dessert Darling’s take on the cookies, check out the review here.

14 replies on “Revisiting The Best Donut In Los Angeles; Also, A Cookie Backfire”

  1. RE: “Dessert Darling prepares for her first bite.”
    dude, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone eat a donut with BOTH hands. Is this a new technique I somehow missed? Think I’m in shock. >_<

  2. Lol! Sinosoul has me cracking up. And why do I look so freaking Dazed!? Finally, Ben- How’d you score such amazing side profile pics of those donuts!? I don’t recall those! Stealing them from the site! 😉

  3. i go get my haircut, but before i leave the house i run a comb through it, or take a shower at least.

  4. But have you tried Stan’s Donuts in Westwood? Definitely within the city limits, and they have a very tasty donut w/peanut butter in it. No need for an extra cookie.

    1. Do not REPEAT Do not eat a Stan’s peanut butter donut! I did not fare well upon biting into that retched mess. I honestly don’t understand how it gets such good word of mouth. It must be UCLA students who have no cars and are only able to taste those dreadful things that pass for a donut. A few other recs though:

      Primos (blissful buttermilk) – West LA/Sawtelle
      Randys (everything is good) – near LAX
      Bob’s (apple fritter) – 3rd St. Farmer’s Market

  5. The doughnuts look incredible! My mouth is watering. If I ever come to LA, I will have to make Tasty Donuts a priority. And good job on the food blogging, you clearly have more talents than just hilarious Real Housewives photocaps.

  6. I prefer my chocolate chip cookies to LACK copious amounts of chocolate chips because I want to taste the cookie too! If I wanted to be overwhelmed with chocolate I’d buy myself a Hershey bar.

    1. Agreed! Chocolate chip cookies without any chocolate chips are actually one of my favorite kinds of cookies… I know I’m weird to go totally chocolate free, but sooo good!

  7. Btw, this is inspiring Ben- I think we need to do a round 3 with a blind taste test comparing and contrasting Tasty Donuts versus Donut Man (though, I entirely agree that Glendora is pushing the geographical limits)

  8. I LOVE this post. Its hilarious. And what fun to pair up with a friend and go sweet-tasting. Mostly I love your honesty, I feel like alot of these ‘food blogger’ sites play kiss-ass to all the restaurant/bakeries around town and somehow the worst offenders (sprinkles, crumbs, milk, krispie krunchie krap) seem to get good reviews when everything sucks! So bravo for being honest about the cookies and even the slightly not-as-good doughnut and yes crumbly cookie means zero fat went into that cookie – what’s the point?!? a treat should be a treat.

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