Hallelujah! For those of you who think I relish in only lowbrow culture, I’m happy to report that I do have more refined tastes, as evidenced by my love of Mad Men, which triumphantly returned last night. But of course, lowbrow always beats out highbrow, which is my way of apologizing in advance for admitting that I’m not giving Mad Men the blog love it deserves because, well, I’m working on a very special Housewives post. Alas.

Nevertheless, I open the floor to the readers to discuss what you all loved and hated about the premiere, not to mention the things you’d like to see more of.

My personal highlights: Henry’s mother (who should be on every episode); Sally spitting out her Thanksgiving dinner; the rising heights of all the women’s hairstyles; and JOAN (just that she exists). My only question is this: when does Ken Cosgrove come back? And will we ever see Rachel Menken again? We all know she’s the only woman who can stand toe-to-toe with Don. A little Francine and Trudy wouldn’t hurt either.


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  1. I, too, loved the insight that Henry’s mother had into Betty. She seemed to be the only one except the ENTIRE audience (and Sally) who recognized how horrible a mother Betty is.
    If you watched it again on it’s FIRST repeat showing last night, you would have seen the most amazing life imitating art. During commercial break, they segued the actual commercial ad into the the timeslot inbetween actual acting. I was half asleep and woke up real fast realizing what they had done. Since they had just done this and discussed it with the floor polish “clients” in this episode, I thought it was kind of brilliant. Only thing is, I cannot remember what the real commercial was advertising. All I know is that the actors in the commercial looked like admen and women. And perhaps that’s why they don’t do that too much on TV. It was interesting, to say the very least.
    Don is back to being his nasty, albeit handsome and charismatic self. Betty, the cold and hard hearted mother. I must admit that I do enjoy the parts where she is having trouble with Sally and Henry! I’m sure Trudy will reappear, even though I think Allison Brie is in another show on T.V. I could live without Ken, but am wishing so much for Sal’s return. This may unfortunately be wishful thinking. A girl can hope, can’t I B-side?
    The coffee shop scene was hysterical..the 2 “actresses” played a fun role and Peggy and Pete looked quite good together.
    I’m loving them being back. And also, darling, that you will be covering this brilliant show. I’m also happy that they are only a year ahead: 1964. That gives us 4 more years in which this clothing, speech patterns and sets will be accurate. After 1968, hippie styles begin to go mainstream. I remember it was about then that my dad grew a mustache, even though I had been wearing tie dyed sheets for a year. After Martin and Bobby were assasinated, the world changed drastically.

  2. Loved the fact that it’s only 1964, Henry’s mother is onto Betty and Peggy is more at ease in her work. The coffe shop scene with Pete and Peggy was hysterical.
    If you caught the second showing of MadMen last night, you would have seen that at commercial break, they sequed into a commercial for soemthing with the people all looking like ad men and women. It was business imitating art. I don’t know if it was because I was half asleep or that this is the reason why they do not usually do this with commercials, but I do not remember what the commercial was for. In the episode, it was for a floor cleaner (or shiner) and Don bullied the client into accepting this way of doing this particular tv ad. Still, I cannot remember who the sponsors were for OUR commercial.
    Don was back to being his own prickly self. The Wall Street Journal interview was well done and everything so perfectly timed, as is the amazing Mathew Weiner.
    Did you know that he was a major player in The Sopranos, seasons 5 and 6? I noticed that about 2 years ago while watching it for the 50th time. He also had a small role in which he played a “Mafia Expert” and was being interviewed on a news’ cast that either Tony or Melfi were watching.
    John Hamm is the voice behind Mercedes Benz commercials. I saw one of them and knew it was him, but looked it up and yes, he is.
    I just want Sal to come back. Trudy will hopefully be back. I believe that Allison Brie is
    on another show on TV, so maybe she will come back when her other show is through its series.

    1. Alison is on “Community” as well as Mad Men.

      I want Sal back too – he’s like their Ragan.

      I loved when Henry’s mom asked him how he could live in the other man’s dirt.! OUCH.

      This is the first time I remember Don liking the face slap orgasm. Hmmmm.


      1. HB, I forgot to mention Don’s new sexual turn-on. Was thinking about it last night.

  3. Sorry about posting twice, sweetheart. The other one did not go through…or so it seemed.

  4. Oh and I love the ham wars. First the Manzo sliced ham throwing that spilled over to Bravo Andy and now Mad Men with their canned ham fight.
    Go Pork.


  5. After OD’ing on AMC’s marathon of seasons 1-3, it took me a while to get used to the look of the new SCDP, but overall a great episode. And Peggy’s hair. I didn’t even recognize her at first glance when we saw her in passing through the new office. I noticed Aaron Staton’s name on the credits but didn’t see Michael Gladis (Kinsey?) Didn’t realize he would be gone as well. Kinda wanted to see more of PPL when they realized what had happened. So we will see a Cosgrove-Campbell throw down in the future? Can’t wait for more of season 4.

  6. I was greatly relieved after watching the first episode. I was so-so about last season. There was too much Betty Draper, and the story where Don got abducted was just too weird.

    But I love the new dynamic. I love the new office and the new challenges. The show feels fresh again, sort of like it did when it first aired.

    Matthew Weiner really took a chance by splintering Don, Roger, Peggy, Pete and Joan from the old Sterling Cooper environment, but it’s gonna pay off big.

  7. Loved it! Although the storyline about the dog not being allowed in the house made me sad : ( And Henry is definitely becoming less likable.

  8. I wish I had something intelligent or eloquent to add. I just fucking loved every second of that premiere. Especially Don’s interview at the end and that awesome song that played over it. I’ve never liked Henry, he always seemed a little too weird to me. Very happy to see Sally and Bobby as well. This show is so goooooooood.

    1. Thank you for posting that. I was clueless till now. (I’m still kind of clueless about why it’s funny.)

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