I can hardly believe it. The third explosive, insane, amazing, unbelievable season of The Real Housewives of New York City is ending tonight, which means that after a reunion show or two, we’ll be left with nothing but the boring suburban ramblings of the New Jersey crew. Sadness. Okay, truth be told, we’ll also have Bethenny: Getting Married? but let’s be honest: she can be great in an ensemble, but one full, undiluted hour of Bethenny Frankel is probably more than any human can safely absorb at any time. A little Skinny Girl goes a long way…

And so on this very sad day (viz. the death of Rue McClanahan), I implore everyone to savor this final hour of RHONYC while you can because soon this epic season will be over. After the jump, two preview clips!

Case in point about Bethenny…

Ramona renewing her renewal.

Who else is excited for tonight?

6 replies on “REAL HOUSEWIVES PREVIEW: It’s The Season Finale!”

  1. The reunion is going to be mental.

    I don’t think I can handle Bethenney Getting Married. She is only entertaining when she is offering observations on other people. Unless Cookie turns into a conniving, gold digging, jelly bean popping socialite, there’s nothing interesting for Bethenney to discuss.

  2. Can’t wait for tonight or the reunions! But I think we are getting to some juicy stuff for NJ. Bravo probably didn’t want to contend w/NY, so clipped all the good stuff for NJ into shows after NY eneds. Makes sense, no?

  3. I’m going to miss this season too! However, I will not miss Ramona saying “It’s my Renewal”. Some one needs to make a video of all of Romona’s Renewals in one clip. Annoying!

  4. Sad to see the season end. The reunion promises to be fiery, yet my dvr is only showing one reunion show instead of the usual two parter.

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