How To Use iOS4

If you’re like me, you just downloaded and installed the new iPhone operating system (iOS4) and nearly fainted at the prospect of all the new features. Multitasking! Folders! Wallpapers! Playlists! Threaded emails! There’s only one catch: it’s not clearly evident how to use all the new stuff. Switching wallpapers is pretty easy to figure out (just go to Settings), and the threaded email is pretty self-explanatory, but what of multi-tasking? And how do you make a folder?

Apple didn’t make tutorials easily available (at least as far as my researching skills proved), but I found the above nifty video that talked me through some of the finer points of the new OS. Check it out if you’re having similar issues or if you just want to learn some iOS4 tips.

Also, check out this article for further information on cool features. (Thanks IndianJones)

5 replies on “How To Use iOS4”

  1. Auugh. I have been anxiously awaiting this and now it is downloading and taking forever. Watching the video just makes me want it more. Thanks for posting as that’s how I found out it was released!!!!

  2. KICK ASS! I have been struggling with this as well. Awesome tutorial, and the new OS rocks!

    1. You need a 3GS – if you have a 3G or earlier version, you don’t get the wallpaper features or the multi-tasking features.

  3. Erm you do get the features with iphone 3G… well…*cough* at least you do if it’s jailbroken… so I’m told…;)

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