Sadness. The first pure, “innocent” season of Jersey Shore has come to an end, which means we’ll no longer have not just a surplus of fist fights and house music on TV, but also a profound lack of self-awareness. Yes, as Jersey Shore has gone on to become a pop culture sensation, its stars — particularly Pauly D, The Situation, Snooki, and J-WOWW — have taken the media by storm, seemingly popping up at every and any venue that might feature a camera or two. Clearly any further seasons with this cast will be tainted by this sudden fame. Did we not learn anything from The Hills?
But for now, we’re left with the memories of a raucous, funny, and shockingly endearing series — one that’s contributed wonderful things to the pop culture canon: GTL, “smushing,” beating the beat, etc. etc.. Not gonna lie. I’m going to miss these crazy jerkoffs. All of thems.
Photocap after the jump…

“Just my luck. I dress up in my hot pink Moulin Rouge corset, I’m all ready to go, and there’s no frickin’ pickles left in the house. Fuck my life.”

“So what do you think we go into the waves, take off our clothes, and get to know each other a little better? Oh, you’re in eighth grade? Okay… well… How about… we go into the waves, take off our clothes, and get to know each other a little better?”

“So you’re the guy who’s all into GTL, right?”
“Yeah: gym, tan, laundry!”
“Oh. I meant gnocchi, taleggio, lasagna.”

“Keith doesn’t realize what he’s missing. I’m having a dance party all by myself, and now all those jerkoffs can see what a friggin’ catch they alls is missing. Fuck my life.”

“Here we are. The three paisons.”
“We’ll never forget this summer.”
“Every time a new genital wart comes through, I’ll think of you mooks.”

“Cheers to you, Sammi, for being the love of my life.”
“And cheers to you, Ronnie, for doing whatever I tell you to do.”
“To us being boring.”

“You know, The Situation may have stuck rancid cheese under my bed for two days, buuuuuuuut putting a t-shirt on a stuffed animal is pretty good revenge, if you ask me.”

“Snookers, you taste like pickles.”
“And you taste like Axe Body Spray, you jerkoff.”
“I think I’m in love.”
“Nom nom nom nom fuck my life.”

“I’m gonna miss all of yous.”
“Yeah, you mooks are crazy, but you’re my family.”
“Hey, remember the time when Mike jerked off on all the roof furniture.”
“Hahahaha, that was the best.”
“I probably should have cleaned that shit up, huh?”


“You fuckin’ jerkoff.”
“Fuck my life.”
“I don’t even wanna talk to yous anymore.”

“I’m gonna miss this town. This classy, classy town.”

What did you think about the finale? And what did you think about the show overall? Should they bring the cast back for a second season or start fresh with newbies?

6 replies on “JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: End of a Good Situation”

  1. Everything was awesome.
    “Every time a new genital wart comes through, I’ll think of you mooks.”

  2. I was late to the Jersey Shore party, but as soon as I saw the first episode, I couldn’t stop watching it.
    It was like a train wreck, but without injuries.
    And with bronzer.
    And STDs.
    Ideally, the original cast would be fun IF they weren’t so drunk on fame.
    I think a whole new crew is in order.
    Preferable one that didn’t see the first season.
    At all.
    We don’t want them trying to emulate the last cast or walking around thinking they are going to have the same instant fame.

  3. I can’t get enough.
    JWow to Snooki — “It’s gorilla central out there, get the fuck up, juice-heads everywhere!”
    You doing the reunion B.? I loved when Sammi got caught. Poor Ronnie.

  4. I’m so glad you caught the Jersey Shore bug!
    I wish they did the whole summer, not just a month.
    Sammi is really messed up in the head, the arguments that she has with Ronnie were ridiculous.
    I bet Angelina bangs her head against the wall daily for quitting.

  5. Apparently a second season was offered but they’re holding out for more money. (saw it on EW.com)

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