It’s been about a month or so since I last checked in on my burgeoning herb garden here on the blog, and since I have a tendency to KILL every plant that crosses my path, I just wanted to share that all my greenery is alive and well. And not just that — there’s been an addition. Yes, parsley has re-entered my domicile, courtesy of jash, who found a random parsley plant at Fresh & Easy and felt compelled to donate it to my horticultural wonderland. Jash, I should note, was also instrumental in watering the plants during my many journeys; although, he regrettably went five burning hot days without checking in. It was apparently a near disaster, and according to Sly, the moment he realized what he’d done, there was all sorts of controlled panic and horror on his face. Oh, if only I could have seen it. Luckily, the neglect led to no long term problems, and if anything, the plants have been better than ever.
A few more pics after the jump…

A bird’s-eye-view. Or as I like to call it, a me-hovering-awkwardly-overhead-view.

Everything seems to be fine; however, I noticed some of these strange gelatinous balls in the soil (pictured here, center). Are they bug eggs? And if so, are they good bugs? Or evil, plant-killing bugs???

In unrelated news, a production vehicle is parked down below for an Absolute Vodka ad. I thought they’d be filming outside my window, but it turns out they’re merely parking the cars there. Lame.

The rosemary, thyme, and chives — all doing quite nicely. The thyme is actually starting to overflow out of the pot a little. And yes, that’s me in the corner, accidentally caught in the shot.

So far so good. Will check in again from time to time so you can all see how this verdant adventure pans out…

8 replies on “STATE OF THE HERBS: Everything Is Alive!”

  1. Your garden looks healthy.
    I think those little orbs are like time release water capsules in the soil.
    I bet the basil smells yummy.

  2. The gelatinous balls in your pots are from the soil; probably some fertilizer that hasn’t broken down yet. The herbs look glorious!!

  3. Looking good. Hey I just read you can take 5 basil leaves and steep them in some really hot water to make a tea and it’s good for stomachs and it has some anti-viral properties.

  4. I am so proud of you. The garden looks lovely. Now how about an original B-Side recipe? Time to strike out on your own and stop pilfering from FN.

  5. Congrats on your successful herb garden. In honour of your garden, I had a mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil on multi-grain bread for breakfast.

  6. 5 days not watering plants and they survived! Thank goodness. One time a friend asked me to watch her dogs and a third friend was going to give me the key because she had planned to watch them. Well when I didn’t get the key I assumed (wrongly) that ThirdFriend was taking care of the dogs-FirstFriend left on Tuesday night- ThirdFriend calls me Sunday afternoon to see how I was feeding the dogs-WTF- When I lay on her not only am I across town but SHE has the key she freaked. The dogs lived but what a hell hole day that was… I have no clue how they lived. they were caged and removed from water and food all day WED. Thurs. FRI. SAT. and half day Sunday. I will recommend this plan if you have an overweight dog… BueaReGuard was a slim downed version of himself for sure.
    Nice plants

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