True insanity. I just woke up and discovered an inordinately large amount of tweets congratulating me. For what? I had no idea. But then I got to thinking — late last night, a writer from Entertainment Weekly had contacted me, telling me to keep an eye out for Julie Chen’s EW blog going up today. Naturally, I immediately headed over to the site, and there it was: Julie Chen mentioning yours truly:

But first (wink), let’s talk about the elephant in the EW blog room…The Chenbot! I was horrified when my best friend from college first told me about my Big Brother nickname. But, there was a side of me that kind of also got it right away. When I played dumb and asked her to explain it…it was exactly what I expected to hear. Then I was kind of embarrassed and yet unsure how to feel or react. (Chenbot was hurt…does this mean the Chenbot has emotions!?!?!). But, when I told my agent to get some sympathy, he made a funny remark in a robot-like voice and said something like…”Oh-yeah-you-did-not-know?” And he e-mailed me a link where someone edited together all my “But firsts…” (You know who you are, Ben Mandelker!) from the live shows and I laughed my head off. I WAS the Chenbot. Each delivery was EXACTLY the same — different hairdos, different outfits…same damn robotic delivery with precision and zero emotion. That’s when I said to myself, “Can I blame em? I AM the Chenbot!” The Beatles’ lyrics of “I am the Walrus” went through my head but I substituted in Chenbot.

CRAZINESS!!! I think the fourth wall has officially crumbled. Thanks for the shout-out, Julie!!
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  1. Very nice. I think this should add up to two tickets every week at the door. No lines for you Benekins.

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  4. WOW
    I started following the recaps before the “but first” montage …that was a beautiful thing.
    but WOW for you. Congrats.

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