Lest you forget, Big Brother 11 premieres tonight at 8 PM on CBS. That means that on the East Coast, there’s t-minus one hour until you surrender your summer to many wonderful, glorious hours in front of the television, watching lunatics scream and fight and battle it out for half million dollars.
So very excited…
For those who don’t watch Big Brother, I assure you — it’s worth getting into. The rule of thumb is that you need to watch three episodes before you get hooked. Don’t worry: they might seem a bit bland or boring at first, but after three shows, you won’t be able to turn away. This I promise you.
Also, for those who wish to discuss the live feeds, feel free to join the conversations in the forums. Registering is easy and free! Who doesn’t like that?

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  1. So, when I watch a show at 8 here in Florida, you don’t see it in California until 11 my time?? That’s so crazy.

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