Last time when this dumb bitch wrote me an angry email, I got pissed and told her to go away. I also happened to have been very hungry at the time and prone to crankiness. Today comes a new entry in psycho-ville. I think it’s clear she didn’t read my previous scourge against her, which is why she’s come back with this email. I know it comes from a place of love (in some warped, demented kind of way), but now it’s just getting funny:

Seriously!!! Just stop!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!!! THIS RE”CRAP” SUCKS!!! All I’m saying is why would you put the recap up and then no pictures??? If MTV didn’t post the pictures up yet then wait!!! Don’t put a half ass recap up!!! Look maybe you misunderstood the last time but I simply asked you to recap The Hills like you used to!!! Meaning recap from the beginning of the episode to the end along with your funny captions and screencaps in between!!! THE WAY THAT YOU USED TO RECAP THE HILLS!!! The recaps used to be so funny and witty and full of snark!!! I used to laugh so hard at your recaps!!! This is the second week that you just skipped around the episode!!! What are you going to do post the pictures later!!! HOW LAME!!! Just remember you have fans from the Laguna Beach days and beyond and I hope you find the strength to dig up some recaps like that again!!! You don’t even blog about the gossip of the people on Laguna Beach, Hills, etc…… Did you know that Kristin is going to be on The Hills for six episodes??? DID YOU!!! [ed. note — this was actually posted on my blog earlier today] When Lauren leaves they’re going to bring Kristin in!!! This is what I’m talking about!!! You don’t post news like that!!! As far as I’m concerned you don’t even deserve to recap The Hills anymore or deserve to breathe the same air as the people on The Hills!!! JUST BRING IT IN YOUR RECAP NEXT TIME!!!

To which I say this:


Listen, you idiot, when I was at TVgasm, I was writing recaps FULL TIME. It’s not the same. And this isn’t TVgasm. So get over it, and if you can’t, go away.

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  1. OMG she’s going to complain to the authorities!! Watch out B-Side!!
    You went all Cindy on her. That’s fanfuckingtastic!
    That’s the trouble with these “super sweet sixteen” bitches. Dumber than rocks, no idea how to separate reality tv from reality, and a glaring lack of etiquette.
    I’m gonna call her Delucy Grandeur.

  2. Tell her to check out We don’t treat our fans like TOTAL CRAP.
    Oh yeah, I forgot:

  3. Hmmmmm that e-mail has to be fake. No real and sane person (or a true TVgasm/b-side fan!) would be that bent out of shape on your HILARIOUSLY RIDIK recaps.
    Spencer, is that you? Or maybe Sugar? Coach? Jessica? Too many… just too many.

  4. Me thinks the Biatch is just toying with you.
    If not, she is certifiable. Come on, whack-job, get a friggin’ clue. Your complete and utter obsession with this is disturbing.
    It’s not like it’s Big Brother! 😉
    B-Side, post regularly each day so that we know not to send out the police on a “welfare check”…she is completely crazy-pants.

  5. I’m worried for you B-Side. That’s one angry psycho hose babe… Get her some meds, stat!

  6. It seems as though now that she has come up with this “re-crap” term, she is going to run it until the wheels come off.
    Oh, and HOW DARE YOU even consider breathing the same air as these gods walking among us, better known as the stars of The Hills?!

  7. Whoa.
    I’m sure that idiot never leaves her house.
    You are up here, and she is, down here.
    That’s all there is to that.

  8. I think you need to check the history on Jash’s computer. I see his fingerprints on this.

  9. Yikes! I’ll bet she slobbered on her candy stripe jacket while writing that!
    Or is it !!!?

  10. She acts like you owe her something or that she’s paying for your site.
    Besides, your recaps don’t suck. The only thing that sucks is that your profession doesn’t allow you to write more!
    AND LISTEN, I AM A FAN FROM THE LAGUNA DAYS and I still like your new stuff! So back off, lady!
    Oh, and the “you don’t deserve to breathe the same air” line totally makes it seem fake. Did you write this yourself so people would defend you and boost your ego? Sly!

  11. “It’s like she’s dreamin’ about Gorgonzola cheese when it’s clearly Brie time, baby”

  12. I love how she’s all : maybe you didn’t understand me the first time!!! Like you are seriously taking pointers from HER CRAZY ASS!!!!!!!!
    You have to give her props for making a nice summary of the content of her email by writing it all in caps. NICE TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How dare you don’t listen to what she has to say???????? She could get you thousands of comments!!! THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. B-Side, maybe you and dumb bitch should head to NYC, go to Jill’s apartment, sit on Allie’s bed, and “clear the air”.

  14. Of COURSE she only likes the pictures.
    And that last part about not deserving to breathe the same air as LC and Heidi – while unbelievably hilarious – is kind of scary. Restraining order!

  15. Please post all previous and future emails from that address. There is pure genius permeating from them.

  16. B-side this chick has WAY TOO MUCH TIME on her hands!! how many recaps does there need to be on the net of this fake show?? she can take it over to TVGASM. But really how much of a “fan” could she really be to write such a tirade?!?

  17. This has to be a joke right? I mean nobody reacts like this! Next time you recap The Hills, *accidentally* put pictures from a different show up -maybe her rage will kill her instantly. Problem solved!

  18. First- elljays ‘That’s so Mission Viejo’comment had me busting up. Man, I miss the old Laguna days.
    Second- Bitch needs to shut the f@ck up! If she’s just trying to be funny, she’s failing……F@ckin bitch-exclamation point.

  19. corndog – DITTO! That was brilliant
    I love me some B-Side and I love me some B-Side commenters just as much – you guys are hilarious
    “sit on Allie’s bed & clear the air” bwaaa haaaa haaaaa
    I hope Crazy keeps sending you suggestions/feedback and you continue to share w/us.
    eeeeeeeee (me clapping my hands with glee)

  20. i kinda agree with her. sort of.
    your recaps have too many words.
    everyone wins!
    well, except for her, which doesnt matter, since she’s an asshole.

  21. You know she is seriously upset. She is desperately trying to convey this to you by using so many explanation points and upper case letters.
    It must be a weird position for you, B-Side- everyone here thinks they know you and therefore, have rights to give you feedback and opinions. What people don’t realize, B-Side doesn’t give a fuck about your opinions. This blog is for him, if others happen to like it, awesome. If not, go somewhere else.
    That being said, you need to calm the hell down, Mary. You’re either going to give yourself a stroke or get arrested if you don’t let this thing go.

  22. Holy shit! This is hilarious. FWIW – I think you are made of awesome B-Side, if I didn’t love the recaps so much I would say don’t post ANY pictures just to be ornery. But I love them, so please don’t!
    I am dubbing this particular jack-nut, Little Miss Thorazine.
    Thanks for sharing this though, it’s even funnier because it’s unintentional.

  23. Dear Dumb Bitch,
    Let us remember the words of the philosopher Jagger,
    “You can’t always get what you want.”

  24. OD-TV: Thanks for the laugh! Ahem, I mean !!!!!!!!!!
    I must say, Psycho Bitch’s responses appear to be meticulously planned. Notice how her !!! and ??? always come in threes. She is not angrily typing here, she is straight OCD-ing the shit out of her responses to you.

  25. As far as I’m concerned you don’t even deserve to recap The Hills anymore or deserve to breathe the same air as the people on The Hills!!!
    Holy shit. This sentence fills me with befuddled amusement.
    For the record, Dumb Bitch, I’ve also been a fan since the Laguna days, I no longer watch The Hills, and I still love B-side’s new stuff. Times change.

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