One thing I’m learning to enjoy about Twitter is the ability to follow real life celebs as they tweet the day away. For some, the feeds humanize them, turning stars into real people to a certain degree. For others, they just come off ass obnoxious and fake (like me!!). And then there’s Martha Stewart. Almost everything she posts is a gem, especially considering the high degree with which she mentions, replies to, or shows interest in hip hop stars. But it’s more than just that. It’s about imagining her famously measured yet cheerful voice as she gives shout-outs to Diddy, calls New Yorkers “wimps,” or merely delivers grim news about errant propane tragedies.
In case you’re not convinced, check out these five recent tweets from Martha’s feed:

MarthaStewart: perez hilton- new yorkers are feeling sorry for themselves– the economy etc- but buck up= the worst is yet to come and it will not be snow
MarthaStewart: @snoopdogg Yo snoop, check out MY doggies new doggie blog
MarthaStewart: getting read to meet q-tip and make a cute craft with him on my show-an afternoon taping he has a new single album
MarthaStewart: lunch with ludcris was great fun- just charming- he is in town preparing for tomorrow on jimmy fallon- he loved lunch-esp choc cake
MarthaStewart: chow breeder karen tracy lost eleven chows and five boarders in a tragic propane explosion- my little ghenghis khan perished in the blaze

(In related news, I hope everyone and everything is okay after that propane explosion)
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