What’s more fun than complaining about Facebook? Nothing, really. So that’s why I’m doing it again! Granted, I got most of my issues off my chest last week with my Top Ten Bad Things About New Facebook, but there are a few annoyances that have crept up since then that still need to be addressed.
My main concerns after the jump…

The first major problem pertains to the homepage (what a surprise). Whenever people upload photos to their albums, we’re now absolutely inundated with pictures throughout the feed. This is because not everyone uploads every photo as one whole batch. Sometimes they do a few at a time, browse a few minutes, upload a few more, browse some more, and upload yet again. This — I should note — is perfectly fine. However, in Old Facebook, the software recognized that perhaps ten photos uploaded within five minutes of each other might just be grounds for only one update. Not so in new Facebook. Now I get an update for nearly every photo or small batch of photos that people put up, and as a result, much of my more relevant feed content gets pushed to the bottom of the page (much as it does when all those quizzes clutter up the space as well). This is not good. I want to see when my friends upload pics, but I don’t need to see EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM in my feed.
Second of all, Facebook announced yesterday that they would be working to address many of the user complaints out there that have plagued the site since the big switcheroo. Today, the site took one small step in the right direction by placing requests back in the upper right hand corner where they’d been for so long. Graçias. Additionally, the “People You May Know” feature has also been upgraded to the upper right hand corner, which is also welcomed; so graçias again. BUT — and you knew there’d be a “but” — the designers have now pushed events and birthdays to the BOTTOM of the highlights, which means they’re totally missable. ROLLING EYES. Look, Facebook, I know you really want to promote your stupid highlights, but for users, events and birthdays are significantly more important. They must go above the highlights. I don’t care if you put them under the little ad that rests atop the highlights, but please, please don’t bury them at the bottom of the page.
This is especially frustrating because the designers have finally returned functionality to the Events sidebar. Yes, the site lets us once again see what’s coming up over the next few days (as opposed to whatever’s happening TODAY), and while I applaud this return to form, it’s almost useless if it’s stuck in the nether regions of the page. Get it together, FB! These aren’t difficult changes!
That’s all for now, but I’m sure there will be more grumblings to come…

13 replies on “More Complaining About Facebook”

  1. It’s amazing how you seem to read my mind when it comes to facebook. One additional thing is that I hate how it groups your recent activities together at various points on your wall as opposed to posting as they happen.

  2. Wonderful. I just came to your blog to post a comment on your previous complaining about Facebook post about the multiple photo issue, only to find a whole new post exactly about that issue!
    Also, I’m sorry that your Facebook homepage was probably overrun with my latest album.
    Even more annoying? My friend commented on my album (not on the pictures, but on the album as a whole, which I didn’t even know you could do), so EVERY SINGLE PICTURE in your homepage that I uploaded will also have the entire comment conversation below it. My homepage is literally filled with six copies of the exact same conversation, as would be yours if you logged in right now.
    I also noticed the events moving to the bottom, and it also pissed me off. Are they expecting me to actually learn all my friends’ birthdays? I don’t even KNOW half of them in real life! Facebook is driving me crazy.
    Oh, and a final note: thank you for explaining what the “Danny Gottleib [tiny triangle] Ben Mandelker” wall-post thing means. Call me stupid, but I literally had no idea what those things meant. I thought it was a new thing you could do in status updates or something.

  3. Still MORE reasons to be stubborn and remain the only person I know on the face of the planet who doesn’t have a Facebook. I derive a weird sort of pleasure in being non-trendy this way. Kind of like I enjoy being the only person I know who never saw “The Matrix.”

  4. There are so many things I can’t stand about the new layout. You have the same issues with it that I do and you’d think Facebook would listen to the millions of people who hate it. But of course the creator says they’re listening and blah blah blah but he isn’t. He sent that e-mail around to just ignore the complaints and whatnot. He’s a total jerk and cares not for the people who’ve made him famous.

  5. Hey B-Side, how about we focus our attention off facebook and on the real problem plaguing the interweb. The ads are encroaching on the right side of screen. I am trying to read about Nene’s new book and BAM all I see is an ad to make me look 15 years younger coving up the right side. I implore you to do something about this!!!!

  6. Another awful thing is the birthdays aren’t organized. It used to say
    Stephanie Tanner
    Now they’re all mixed into one with no separation. This is little, but I need organization!

  7. NEW COMPLAINT! I was just on FB and noticed that now the “pages” are going to show up in the news feed AS IF THAT WASN’T ALREADY CLUTTERED ENOUGH. Awhile back I became of “fan” of various things like bacon, Nutella, chile con queso, etc. Hey, I was bored and had fun perusing all the different pages. Now I’m going to have to sift through more garbage on the newsfeed everytime bacon farts or Nutella is spread on a cracker? Hell. No. So, I went to un-fan myself from all that crap – taking preventative measures – and it’s a TOTAL BITCH to do it. I have to click on each individual page and click “remove from fans” on each and every one, which means that I have to go to my profile, click the info tab, click the page, click remove. If I wasn’t so dedicated to giving the big FU to FB, I wouldn’t waste time on it. I also vow to all my FB friends that I will never take a goddamn quiz or use any application whatsoever on FB ever again. I know it’s going to be rough. I’m sure the whole world is dying to know my spirit animal or which Sex & The City character I am. (I don’t to take the quiz to know that. I’m totally Samantha.)
    Facebook is over. Shark: jumped. And Twitter is now officially not cool. I read a comment on another blog that 70 year-old Senators are using it, so it’s definitely over. What’s next, internet? I need a new form of social notworking.

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