Last June, I brought you images of an R2-D2 cake baked by my friend Mark Randazzo (with help from his wife Leslie), and within a few days, the thing had gone viral. Well, now I’m proud to announce that according to — the official Star Wars website of Lucasfilm — Mark and Leslie’s cake has been deemed one of the top ten Star Wars things of the year! Yay!
I guess I’ll take this time to mention yet again that Mark is a tremendous baker, and if you live in the NYC area, you should definitely, definitely check him out (especially if you’re in the hunt for a wedding cake). He’s been featured in all sorts of magazines and television shows (Today, Food Network Challenge), and as the R2-D2 cake demonstrates, he’s got plenty of talent to spare.
Here’s the official website: Mark Joseph Cakes

3 replies on “Another Achievement for the R2-D2 Cake!”

  1. “an R2-D2 cake baked my friend Mark Randazzo (with help from his wife Leslie)”
    I feel so bad for Mark. And that Leslie! How can she live with herself, teaming up with R2-D2 like that. 😉

  2. I really love and like what you have made. This is the first character that I really loved. Is this the life sized R2-D2? Love also the color combination. Where can we visit you to see your cake works. After all you guys are already acknowledge to have made the top ten star war things of the year. That is quite an achievement.

    Francine from coupe faim naturel efficace 

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