Of the many things that happened on tonight’s Survivor finale, the least expected was not The Suze’s near upset for the million dollars but rather Sugar’s reference to this here blog on NATIONAL TV DURING PRIMETIME. Yay! Granted, she didn’t state the site’s name, but unless I’m mistaken, I’m the only one who has blogged about “Suga” in traffic. I must admit, I kind of feel bad because she seems somewhat self-conscious now about wearing makeup out of the house, but honestly, the issue wasn’t that she wasn’t wearing makeup at the time but that she was, and that was what confused me. Eh. Oh well. Anyway, sometimes when I blog, I forget these people actually read it, and considering that I called her and her actions “dumb” and “stupid,” I do feel a smidgen guilty. I mean, I’m not a monster, people. (But I still do stand by my belief that she was not a good player, and her cringe-worthy responses to the jury tonight pretty much proved me right, I believe.)
A little birdie told me that Sugar actually thinks I’m psycho — because apparently being in traffic on Franklin Avenue is a psychotic thing to do — and if that’s truly the case, then I’m sure she’d be most frightened to know that just last night, I was mere feet from her again. That’s right, I co-mingled with the Survivor: Gabon cast this weekend, and I have the pictures to prove it.
Party photos of the cast after the jump…

So there was a funky ol’ party in Hollywood last night in honor of the Survivor cast members, and since this is Los Angeles, plenty of reality stars came out to play. Unsurprisingly, this was right up my alley. I joined up with my friends Jash, Bets, and Andy Dehnart of Reality Blurred, and together we headed to local bar L’Scorpion for the big bash.
On the upside, there were more reality stars there than you could shake a stick at (is that the expression?). From Survivor: Gabon, we saw Gillian, Marcus, Corinne, Charlie, Bob (and his wife!), SUGAR, Jacquie, Randy, Dan, Kenny, Kelly, and GC. Sadly, Crystal was nowhere to be seen, which was a huge disappointment for me. Also missing was Susie, a.k.a. THE SUZE, who became an odd favorite of mine towards the end of the season. I mean, she did literally nothing and yet she almost won the whole thing! God Bless THE SUZE.
From past season of Survivor, we also saw Daniel from Amazon, Todd and Amanda from China, Bobby from Panama (who incidentally lives in Jash’s building), Natalie, Erik, Alexis and Mikey from Micronesia, and probably others, but I really can’t remember now. There were also some Big Brother types like Dan and Keisha. In fact, when we first walked in the bar, we came face to face with them. This was awkward since Jash, Bets, and I had all been to the Big Brother wrap party (not to mention held up signs professing our eternal love for Keisha) where we talked to both contestants quite a bit. Our first instinct was to be like “HEY!!!” — you know, as one might do upon running into someone you know at a bar. But then we realized, “Oh yeah. We know them. They don’t know us.” It was strange. Thankfully, none of us actually said “HEY!!!” but I know that for me, I had eye contact with them that went on entirely too long to be normal. It was awkward.
A similar thing happened when I saw Natalie. I was standing near the front door when she walked in. Turns out that back in July, I met Natalie, and we talked for a very long time. Again, my instinct was to say hi, and so I raised my hand to do a familiar wave, but then I realized that she would most certainly not remember me from our one conversation in a dark bar back in July. As such, I readjusted my wave to be a strange pointing gesture, which she saw. Making matters worse, I said to my group, “There’s Natalie.” She kind of stared at me oddly, and it was very clear that I was coming off like a strange stalker; so I quickly turned away, and she moved on, hopefully forgetting any of it ever happened. It was awful.
So yes, there were plenty of reality stars around. Unfortunately, L’Scorpion was not the proper venue for this party. It’s a fun bar, and I’ve always enjoyed myself there, but it’s narrow and very New York-ish, which means that it was ill-equipped to handle a big reality star bash (not to mention a birthday party some loud girl was having too). To be fair, there was a back area, but it was filled with booths and was so amazingly hot, I thought for a moment I was actually in Gabon myself. I actually broke out a sweat, which is a party foul, in case you didn’t know. The entire place was too compact and crowded, which made navigation near impossible. Plus, there were these two fat guys who kept blocking the flow of foot traffic. I got nothing against overweight people, but when it’s darn near impossible to move, the last thing we need is a wide man just STANDING THERE, making it impossible to get around. Move to the side, dude!
Anyway, it was so hot and cramped in the back that we spent most of the time at the front of the bar where it was air conditioned and roomy. As a result, we didn’t get to shmooze with as many people as we were hoping for (not the end of the world), and because of that, I only have a few meager pictures from the event. Hope you enjoy…

The stuffy back room. You might be able to spot some reality stars in this picture: Frostii, Rafe, and two Dans — one from Gabon, one from Apprentice: LA

That bright blur to the right is Sugar. She HATES me. I didn’t say anything to her, but to her credit, she looked very cute. And I’m not just saying that because she thinks I’m psycho.

Kenny. Like I said in an earlier post, I was a big Kenny fan. I told him that I liked that he lied blatantly to get ahead. Of course, he was pretty awful on the finale with all his bitching and moaning about Bob and their deal; so that kind of ruined that.

Ah, Corinne. First off, she looked really good in person. Second, I told her that I loved her on the show, which is not a lie. I thought she was hilariously entertaining, even if she was kind of crazy. Little did I realize she would be so horrendously awful during the finale, but hey, even that I liked. Anyway, she was actually really appreciative that I liked her. I don’t think she gets much fan mail. Meanwhile, I literally had sweat pouring down my face during this picture. Luckily, you can’t see it that much.

Me, Bets, and Andy with Dan and his girlfriend (who may or may not be Posh Spice). Let me just tell you all one thing: Dan was awesome. He was so incredibly nice. You know when you get a good vibe off of someone immediately? Well, that’s how we all felt about Dan. Nevertheless, I asked him how the hell he missed the crater on Exile Island, and he said that his clue had no map whereas all the others afterwards did. So there you have it. Dan’s the best!

Marcus and I. Jash was in this photo too, but he prefers to be anonymous; so I just cropped him out. Anyway, Marcus was very friendly and very forthcoming. He actually invited us to the wrap party tonight, but we were too lazy to go. Also, our friend Kim went to high school with Marcus and had a huge crush on him. We told him. A good chuckle was had by all. OH SILLY KIM.

The one and only Bob. He seemed completely overwhelmed. Or wasted. Or both. Either way, he could barely get words out. Fun times had by all.

So that’s basically it. Thanks to the party organizers! And thanks to Sugar for the shout-out on TV tonight!
What did you think about the finale? Happy with the outcome?

15 replies on “Why Yes, I AM The Guy Who Blogged About Sugar in Traffic”

  1. Happy? Egads no. Anyone but Professor Bowtie. Unfortunately Sugar got caught up in one of those “good people should win” benders that I really loathe on competitive reality shows. I love Evil Sugar who laughs when Middle-Aged Mohawk (pre-mohawk) plays a false immunity idol. I’m not so fond of Weepy Sugar who quits playing the game by wanting to take people she has no chance against to the final.
    The SUZE, on the other hand, impressed me. Sure, there were a couple of missteps, but she did a fantastic job at the final tribal council and almost walked away with the big prize.

  2. What kind of dumbass gets a “IM SUGA” vanity plate and drives around LA and then complains when LA blogger-types recognize her and then blog about it and then everyone who reads the blog jumps-up during the live show and says “that’s B-Side” when she complains about it?

  3. that was SUCH an awesome shout out b-side! i was so excited for you! i agree, it was not the smartest of sugar to take bob, but then again, she knew she couldn’t win against matty either so I think she wanted someone she respected so much to have a shot at it. She was pretty bad at tribal though, I was surprised – she totally had the Amanda Syndrome. I thought she would’ve done better than she did. I also agree that Suzie was better at tribal than i would’ve thought. And Bob not quite as good. But you know, as soon as Bob got to go to the final, you knew who was gonna win. Like what Randy said – “Don’t make me vote for Suzie!” I’m really glad Corinne got villified at the reunion. What she said to Sugar was so unbelievably heartless. I hope she’s never invited back for an all-star show!

  4. When Sugar was talking about your blog on the show last night I was totally yelling at the TV, “That was B-side!” Mt husband looked at me like I was nuts.
    I was a little disappointed with the outcome of the game last night, but in the morning light I found that I really don’t care that much anymore. I do still feel however, that Corrinne is a hateful, hateful person, and I was shocked by how proud of it she seemed on national television last night.

  5. I couldn’t believe my ears last night when Sugar was complaining about being stalked by paparazzi – Could she be referring to B-side Blog blogging about spotting her in traffic??? Awesome! Way to go B-side!!! you rock! I am happy Bob won – and was amazed that Suze made it to the final 3!

  6. I agree with Laura. Sugar’s license plate is clearly a cry for attention. If she had random numbers and letters like the rest of us, it would have been a non-issue.
    Also, what you can’t see in the penultimate picture above is that B-Side and Marcus and reinacting Marcus’ infamous peen slip.

  7. dsc made a funny!
    I jumped up too laura, AND texted my friend about it! Yay for B-side! You should have told Sugar that it was you. She had a lot of fans. Too bad she missed out on the fan fave money too, but maybe Bob will buy her something nice for handing him the win. It was interesting how the jury votes would have played out if it was Matty, so Sugar was screwed either way (which she knew).
    That vile bitch Corrine is ALSO unemployed at the moment b/c she quit her job to go on the show and has yet to secure another b/c of the recession. I guess that karma is a bigger bitch than she is.

  8. Corrine: Desperately scrambling to extend her 15 minutes. Kind of sad.
    Randy: Only a profoundly unhappy person would claim that people are congenitally unequipped to understand his personality.
    Marcus: Enough about the high IQ!
    Sugar: Say what you might about her abilities, but she decided who this season’s winner was.

  9. I hate how my non-realty tv watching friends have no concept of what a big deal Sugar’s b-side shout was. And how they look at me in that pathetic way because I am all 6 degrees of separation from pseudo-fame. “I KNOW THE PSYCHO SUGAR STALKER.”
    Corrine is just awful. She should have sported the Mohawk with Randy. It would have improved her look. I can’t wait to see her on some other reality show with the label “Gabon Cold Heartless Sore Loser Mean Ass Witch” under her picture.

  10. Silly Sugar, doesn’t she know that she should be honored that you wrote about her? Doesn’t she know that there are people who come to Los Angeles from all over the country just to get a glimpse of YOU? And I don’t know why she was whining about always having to wear makeup, it’s not like we’ve never seen her without it – we saw her armpit hair for God’s sake! However, having seen her with the full makeup last night I can see that she does look really cute when she goes into full pin-up mode.

  11. Yo B.. congrats on yet another shout out / glimpse in the background on national TV.
    RWD… yes Sugar gave Bob the chance by forcing the tie, but Bob earned that sucker with his fire-making skills. big ups to him for practicing, and WTF is with these people who cant’ get a fire going. same thing happened when the Suze (love that Seinfeld reference B) won her first immunity challenge. matty was never even in that thing. and i love Jeff for calling him out on it too… it was a million dollar fire-making challenge… nice work Putz.
    glad bob won because he dominated in the second half of the game. but i was SHOCKED at how badly he performed at the house of cards challenge. for a minute there i was wondering if he was throwing it on purpose… which of course wouldn’t make any sense.
    another great season.

  12. Reality Blurred has also made you infamous…
    During the live reunion, Sugar mentioned someone blogging about seeing her in traffic, and that just happened to be TVgasm founder B-Side. “What a psycho,” she said. “I wanted to write him and say, ‘What if I just stopped you and told everybody your license plate number and said, oh, he had a bland expression on his face because he wasn’t talking to anybody because nobody was in the car, so I guess he was just driving. How exciting!”

  13. Okay – I know this is an old post and you’ll never see this…but the only appropriate spot (I mean it really didn’t fit in the Bromance blog)
    Bob was on the radio talking this morning (being a Maine radio station) and he was talking about how his life has (not) changed. “I did have to write a 105,000 dollar check to the State of Maine for taxes and well, then the federal government needed 405,000 so that I didn’t spend a weekend with Richard Hatch. But otherwise I still have to shovel the driveway and clean off the bureau top when Gloria tells me to.”
    He’s just a normal guy, and I’m glad he won. He seemed to enjoy his time in Africa, enjoyed playing the game, won challenges when he needed to, and ruffled as few feathers as possible. Yeah he used Sugar’s emotions to his advantage, but who wouldn’t if it was going to work to keep you going farther in Survivor. I hope Survivor takes the cue and tries casting a few more “normal” folks and more true fans.

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