John McCain’s campaign has been trailing in the national polls recently, and while I’m sure he’d be delighted to get whatever help he can get, I tend to think these photos of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag in pro-McCain/Palin t-shirts may not be what he has in mind. Yes, in the past McCain has expressed fondness for Heidi, but I always assumed that was just a doddering old man saying things he didn’t really mean about things he didn’t really understand. After all, who would want someone as universally loathed as Heidi to be the poster child of your campaign? It’s like courting the endorsement of Osama Bin Laden.
That’s why with their guns and beer and vacant expressions, Spencer and Heidi’s latest publicity ploy is destined to fail. In an election season where guilt by association seems to be the name of the game, the two have completely negated all the inroads McCain has made with this Bill Ayers nonsense. Next time anyone accuses Obama of being friends with a domestic terrorist, all he has to say is “Well, John McCain likes Speidi.”
For a closer look at Spencer and Heidi’s t-shirts, follow the jump…
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*Oh, and the answer is yes, I understand that these photos were taken simply to get a rise out of the media and bloggers, and yes, I understand that I am just feeding the monster, but hey, why not? It’s so fun!

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  1. Wait. Is it legal for Spencer to just cruise around LA with a rifle like that?? I live in Chicago, and we have a “no guns within city limits” law. Is LA the new Texas?

  2. Hey, I’m not really concerned with all of this nonsense. What is really bothering me is the state of our economy.
    Has our financial standing as a nation plummeted so much that Heidi has been a) affected and b) DRIVEN TO READ?!
    If you’ll excuse me, I am now going to take all of my money out of the bank and hunker down in a bomb shelter.

  3. LOL!
    The book is titled “You Can Profit From a Monetary Crisis”. That pretty much sums up their entire philosophy of riding everyone else’s coattails to attain their goals doesn’t it?
    Seriously, as repulsive as Paris Hilton is, I can at least understand the public’s fascination with her monied background and family history. But Heidi and Spencer are just nothing. I don’t mind watching their antics on The HIlls, but why are they supposed to be interesting again?
    I’m kind of surprised Spencer didn’t try and sell Heidi to Hef, as his new girlfriend. Oh wait, Heidi’s a virgin isn’t she? Pregnancy scare notwithstanding! 😉

  4. I am an avid reader of your site…it’s my favorite thing ever and I obsessively post permalinks on my friends Facebook walls of your Hills updates. So please, PLEASE do not get political on me. I mean I get it, the Republican Party is pretty much screwed, and I have sadly come to terms with it. And yes everyone, including myself, is obsessing over the election and it’s very difficult to not show a bias. But this was the site the common ground could turn to for non-biased fun. I mean, everyone thinks Spence is a douchebag! He’s bringing Repubs and Dems together! And everyone loves flogs and gets annoyed with the same things you do! So yay common ground!

  5. Pange –
    Not that you care, but we have no common ground. There is nothing funny about what your favored party has done to our country and our world. Nothing.
    This picture is actually perfect. It highlights the following:
    1. The GOP is the party of redneck morons who tote guns to pump up their inadequate manhood.
    2. The GOP is the party that likes to promote their version of “God,” no matter the level of hypocrisy – i.e., Fame-whoring assholes living in sin; cheating and lying their way to higher status.
    3. The phony trumping of “Joe Six-Packs” by silver-spooned dipshits wearing designer jeans.
    4. Empty-headed bimbos with cognitive dissonance issues (i.e. Sarah Palin)
    5. Know-nothing scoundrels who pretend to read high-minded books written by Libertarians – the same Libertarians who should be celebrating the current (laissez-faire created) economic meltdown.
    6. Famous for all the wrong reasons (ie, Mark Foley)
    7. Flaunting their vapid happiness in a city that exemplifies over-spending, over-carbonating, over-polluting, and a high rate of illegal immigrant employment.
    8. Dimwitted trophy “wives” with tens of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery, hair stylings, and designer jewelry – while carrying Budwweiser.
    9. The party of hate – who DOESN’T Spencer hate and ignorance (“You can turn coal into gold” – Heidi Montag)
    10. And finally, the party of cronyism and “Get to where you are via daddy.”
    Fuck you Spencer and Fuck you Heidi. I wasn’t sure I needed another reason to not vote McCain-Palin, so thanks for that.

  6. This is exactly what I did NOT want. Every single website, including newspapers who considered themselves non-biased, have comment boards that turned into this. THIS IS A SITE BASED ON HUMOR AND THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER, not politics, douche bag. And that’s what posts like this do. If you want to whine, go to…or Brody Jenners house.
    But hey, in the end, it’s not my say.
    I think I have proven my point, but sadly, I have to say goodbye to B-side until November 5th…tears all around!

  7. Hey guys, everyone is entitled to an opinion. The fact is Spencer and Heidi have put themselves in the public eye to make a political statement, and we are all probably going to react to it. That’s what they want, isn’t it?
    I am personally disgusted with the current state of our government, and our looming economic crisis most specifically; however I believe ANYONE can and should express an opinion in whatever venue or context they wish. The issues confronting us as Americans, and as a culture, run deep and impact us all in countless ways – there should never be a time or place when someone shouldn’t be able to address those issues.
    Pange, please reconsider your position on this, B-Side should not pay the price of reduced readership because he registered an opinion. This argument in many ways goes to the very heart of a Constitutional right that most writers hold very dear – The First Amendment.
    Regardless of the rhetorical positions taken here, I do have to say the arguments laid out by sg-dub are actually much better, and more clearly stated than most news groups! I would also like to point out, that some of the most enduring humor, and memorable comedy skits are based on political humor – SNL being a great example of that. Politics and humor go hand in hand, they always have and they always will – think Ben Franklin! 😉
    Finally, in the words of the great Rodney King; “Can’t we all just get along!”

  8. Wow, sg-dub, that was a little over the top don’t you think? Calling all republicans rednecks isn’t exactly the peace and love that dems pretend to emote. Lets just all get along, we all love to tease Spiedi and that is all the post was about. Come on Pange, it is okay we all love here. Right guys?

  9. Goodness gracious with you people. For all I know, B-Side is working on the McCain campaign. So what? Geeze.
    Please go back and read again what I wrote. My points, though poorly written, are valid and I stand by all of them.
    No, mistichristi, “all republicans” aren’t “rednecks.” I wrote that they are the party who happens to more appeal to the “redneck morons who tote guns to compensate for their “their inadequate manhood.” Pange is probably a woman, like you appear to be, so that shouldn’t bother either of you.
    That said, I live in CT and I assure you that the Republicans I know, my parents and sister and her family included, are hardly rifle-toting rednecks.
    And gee, REPSreadBsblogtoo, so what? Are you folks so crushed that every single one of your tenets has been shown to be bullshit and that your hero GWB is the absolute worst president in US history? I’m supposed to be soft on you now? I didn’t get that memo.
    BUT, this isn’t “my blog” and b-side is my friend, so I’ll stop.
    I can still hate Heidi and Spencer though, right?

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