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Halloween is just around the corner, and this year, I’m proud to reveal my costume: a Price Is Right contestant. I’ve actually wanted to do this costume for quite some time. Initially, I had grandiose plans of gathering a group to portray a family on Family Feud, but I never was able to drum up five willing participants. Failing that, I moved on to something a bit more manageable: a lone player standing at Price Is Right’s fabled “Contestant’s Row.” I actually thought of the idea about two years ago, but a spate of laziness undermined my efforts back then, and I wound up scrounging up a costume from a random mullet wig and an old vintage cowboy shirt. I called it “Johnny Amusement Park.” It was lame.
Last year, I also procrastinated too long and was unable to procure the supplies to make a decent Price Is Right getup. Instead I went to American Apparel, bought some tube socks, found an old white polo, and became a retro tennis player. It was pretty good, but sadly, I couldn’t find a wooden racquet, and thus my costume was a bit lacking.
This time around I was a bit more judicious. I went to America’s favorite crafts store, Michael’s (said preferably in Will Arnett’s voice), and purchased all my necessary supplies: foam board, poster board, ribbons, glue, etc.. Then, with some assistance from my friend Jash, I spent my Saturday afternoon diligently assembling my costume. I’m hoping that it makes a splash on Friday, at least more than Johnny Amusement Park. Although, truth be told, one never knows what will spark the interest of people on Halloween. One year I cut a hole in a box from Costco, slipped it around my waist, and proclaimed myself a box of crackers. To this day, it still remains the most popular costume I ever wore. People literally stopped their cars and yelled out their windows, “YOU’RE A BOX OF CRACKERS, AREN’T YOU!!!!” Yes, ma’am. Yes, I was.
So who knows what will happen. In the meantime, check out a few more pics after the jump.

Here’s me proudly cheering on the completion of my costume.

Here’s me placing my bid.

And here’s me guessing the exact retail value of that inflatable furniture set!!!

UPDATE: Thanks to Michelle at Best Week Ever for the linkage!

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  1. This is great. Wonderful job. I will be stealing this idea next year. This year I stole zb’s idea, Miss Transylvania the vampire beauty queen. While we are talking about this let me just give a shout out to home made costumes. Woo hoo!!! I was at a town parade/trick or treat event on Saturday and the Lizardspawn and one other family were the only ones that made their costumes. I know I don’t need to tell you who looked great (us) and who looked AWFUL (everybody else). I figured I could spend $30 a piece for some shit ass Spidey suit or tired ass Power Ranger times 3, or I could get some fabric and make something awesome. So, muslin is $1.49 a yard and we shredded it up and tied up the little porker, voila, mummy. EVERYBODY was oohing and aahing and pointing and “mummy!”-ing. The lizard man was also a huge hit. The kids that we saw who made their costumes were great, milk carton and a chocolate chip cookie. The 10,534 Hannah Montana’s? Not so great. So, hey, who’s blog is this anyway?

  2. when i caught a glimpse of the title and your picture I thought you had decided to go as a auction item from DeShawn’s fundraiser.
    I’d pay $751 for you B.

  3. Karo….I think that’s the microphone .
    breaking news:
    Your friend Michelle at Best Week Ever just posted this on BWE. yay

  4. Can I say great costume in the same sentence as I hate Foam Board?
    It causes such a freaking mess to clean up it is almost not worth the effort. Your costume I am sure was worth the effort.
    my new campaign==just say no to foam board.

  5. I love, love, love this costume! I used to watch “The Price is Right” all of the time with my grandma growing up – which makes me like it even more. Very clever B-Side – then again, I’d not expect anything else.

  6. livemusicjunkie – i too used to watch Price Is Right with my grandma all the time when i was growing up! That is very amusing to me. And B-Side, your costume is phenomenal. I can picture your entourage of Dartmouth buds in the crowd shouting out advice. This is DEFinitely better than a box of crackers!!

  7. Re: Erica and your hatred of foam board
    You may change your mind after you read about the costume that the famous Rob Cockerham is making this year. http://www.cockeyed.com/incredible/2008/box01.shtml . He formed all of his foam with a home made hot wire cutter. God I love that guy. Check out his past costumes too. Oh what the hell, check out the whole site!
    Re: Georgia not being a big enough jerk
    You should try it!

  8. There are two things that tear me up about this:
    Thing 1: The ever-so-slight slant in your digits reflects your critical eye for detail. Well done.
    Thing 2: The thought of you browsing Michael’s. How many hours did you spend there, whilst picking up every single trinket and commenting on it? I say you clocked a good 5 hours, 37 minutes in there.

  9. Lizardqueen:
    That right there would make me love cutting trough foam core and burn down my house. That man is a magician and rather frightening but his Halloween dedication clear and admirable. I hope he comes up with a costume that will finally win him first place.
    Thanks for the link.
    –I also love the picture of the Simpsons above B’s desk. I never imagined that many characters to have been on the show!

  10. so f-ing awesome for so many reasons! i cant…. i shouldn’t…. frick… i’m totally stealing the idea! you, dear sir, are a creative-halloween-costume-michael’s-shopping-genious in my eyes!

  11. I went on The Price is Right in like 1988.
    Your name tag would have to say your legal name (which is Benjamin, maybe?) They didn’t allow nick names or shortened names.
    They also line you up three at a time and interview you. If they like you, they put your name in that big drum thing.
    My boyfriends sister won the showcase showdown when we went. She won a piano, a “High Fi” sound system, a sports car and a caravan, $10 grand because she landed on the $1. and a bunch of other stuff (including carpeting- yeah!). The irony is that they were so rich, that it was almost blasphemous that she won all this crap. The good thing is that when she won, we all got to run on stage, so I am on TV for a minute.
    Nonetheless, at some point I will be copying this costume. Very clever.

  12. i have to ask, where did you get the name tag? or if you made it how… i had this idea myself this year, and went searching for name tags and found this.

  13. Any way you can post exact supplies list/directions? Was searching for ideas for this costume and like yours the best, by far!

  14. Any way you can post the supplies list/directions? I was searching for this costume and yours is the best I’ve seen, by far!

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