LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACCESS! A Journey to Planet Hollywood

plan hol 3.jpg

When I was in ninth grade, my dreams came true one night when my brother took me to Planet Hollywood in New York City. Surely I would be in for a night of celebrities and glamor, the likes of which had never been experienced outside the hallowed city limits of Los Angeles. Well, we didn’t see any stars that night, but I did get to enjoy a delicious offering of Cap’n Crunch chicken fingers; so it really wasn’t all bad. Nevertheless, the silly restaurant chain has always had a special, kitschy place in my heart, and so when my friend Michelle recently dropped by Planet Hollywood, I vicariously relived all those glorious memories through her blog post. It’s worth checking out, even if you don’t have dumb sentimental attachments to the house of Arnold, Bruce, and Sly.
• Planet Hollywood… 17 Years Later [Best Week Ever]