Yesterday afternoon, while my friend Jash and I were getting drunk and watching TV, a most curious text message arrived on my phone. It came from my friend Caty, and for whatever reason, I felt the need to read it out loud (not a normal practice).
“This message is from my friend, Caty,” I said, as if Jash even cared. “Just met Spike from Top Chef… You know him? He’s nice.”
Three. Two. One… MUTUAL GASP.
Maybe it was the booze or maybe it was our unhealthy obsession with Top Chef, but this news made Jash and I drop our jaws at the exact same time. (Sort of funny because it’s not like the coolest news ever, even though it is pretty cool. I blame the booze). Anyway, I immediately called up Caty and asked her for the story. Turns out she had mixed up her bearded chefs. She had really meant to say “Andrew,” who of course is just as awesome in our books. She said he was really cool and friendly and whatnot, but to be honest, the specifics are a little hazy (booze). All I do remember is that I commanded Caty to get a photo posthaste. And that’s what she did. What a good friend. And what a cool chef. One more pic after the jump…

Andrew and Caty.

I told Caty we’d have to naturally go to Andrew’s restaurant now, but in my drunken state, I forgot that he works at Le Cirque, which is just a tad pricey. Who knows. Maybe I’ll save up…