Last Friday, in an effort to save some money, I decided to stay in and watch the National Spelling Bee, thus turning down the many, many invitations I had received to go out to the hottest clubs and party with the city’s celebrity elite. It was a hard decision, for sure, but sometimes even I must find refuge from the flashing lights and gliteratti. However, as exciting as watching awkward middle schoolers was, I still felt like the night needed some sort of augmentation — a little pizazz to keep things interesting. What better way to spice up the festivities than by making my first ever batch of muffins? After all, B-Side Blog reader SpecialK had so kindly purchased me a muffin tin after having seen my previously misshapen baking exploits; so why not put it to use?
And so with a shopping basket in hand and a dream in the heart, I happily bought a packet of mix and plunged down the rabbit hole that is homemade muffinry. Photos after the jump.

First, some pageantry: the box from whence the muffin tin came.
Behold the muffin tin!
Three minutes from pouch to oven? I’ll believe it when I see it.
The batter appears to be turning out well; however, I still add extra chocolate chips to ensure greatness.
Alas, I get so caught up in the experience that I neglect to take photos of the pivotal muffin-forming process. Oh well. Here’s how they turned out. A little on the small side.
There’s not even a muffin top for me to make Fergie jokes about.
Flavor-wise, the muffins are okay. It’s a good thing I used extra chips though; otherwise the experience may have teetered on the verge of disappointing.
Next time, I’ll make them from scratch…