Behold the Tyra Banks school of facial dexterity. You can just barely hear her scolding an ingenue for doing “this” [goofy smile, fluttering eyelids] and not “this” [pursed lips, narrow eyes]. To Tyra’s credit though, only she could pull off this silly collection of smiles with such a gigantic mane of hair.
For more insights into the world of Tyra, be sure to read the New York Times Magazine article here.
UPDATE: For an amazing video of Tyra showing off her smiles, click here. (Only the first two minutes pertain to smiling, the rest is just Tyra-talk)

13 replies on “Tyra Banks: A Veritable Mosaic of Emotion”

  1. I have a sneaking suspicion Lynn Hirschberg just sat there and let Tyra talk…for hours

  2. “The flirting with boyfriend” smile tells me why Ty Ty is still single. Wowser!

  3. I wonder if she used the “surprised” smile when she shidoobeed her pants at Fashion Week.

  4. I could only stand to watch half of that video. It was making me do my I-want-to-scratch-Tyra’s-eyes-out smile.

  5. Who on earth is watching Tyra’s show (besides the writing staffs of Best Week Ever and The Soup)? I can barely make it through her segments on ANTM.

  6. I cannot stand Tyra (I also hate Oprah and am not surprised that she is Tyra’s role Model), and this video made me want to hurt myself. I get the same feeling when I hear Stand’s “It’s been Awhile.”
    Am I alone, or does anyone else who is well educated get mad when these idiots make more money than them?

  7. LMAO at RWD’s comment…
    Although I must confess I was home from work recently and stumbled upon her show (it was on a like 8 AM, seemed like an odd hour for a talk show, but I guess no one watches anyway). Anyway the episode dealt with sex tapes/nude photos and how they can come back to haunt you. It was so terrible, yet somehow I couldn’t turn away. I watched the entire episode… (hangs head in shame)

  8. Does putting down a more successful person than you are make u guys feel better? hahahaha
    You guys are a bunch of Tyra HATERS lmao
    You guys so wish you were her haha
    get a life =P

  9. I am from Kazahstan)I often see her show)I think it is great and Tyra is the best model I`ve ever seen)

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