Most Random Moment of 'Survivor' Finale Night

We’ve seen a lot of crazy, deranged, unhinged, emotional, and flat-out bizarre moments at the final Survivor jury, but never one like this. Scratch that: never two like these. The first, which I’ve clipped above, is Natalie’s mildly seductive, completely random question about Parvati’s sex life. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was watching the beginning of some softcore porn on Cinemax. You could practically hear the cheap, public domain music come filtering in. Aside from the fact that the question seemed totally transplanted from some other show in some other genre, it also didn’t make sense. Why would Parvati’s bedroom manner be relevant to anything?
Unfortunately for Ozzy, Natalie completely stole his thunder because had it not been for her, the Internets would have been buzzing about his sudden declaration of love for Amanda. I couldn’t decide if I hated his sanctimoniousness or loved his Hollywood-style speech, which seemed torn straight out of the latest summer romance. Ultimately, I decided it was a nice moment; although, I really disliked his whole bit about chastising Parvati for putting a price tag on their friendship. I mean, had he gone to the finals, would he have taken her over Amanda? Don’t think so. Nevertheless, this was another great finale — even if my favorite, Cirie, fell victim to a wayward marble. I literally had no idea who would win, right up to the very last moment. Good times. What did you think?