It’s very fashionable to hate McDonald’s. To some, the fast food chain represents the simplification and destruction of American culture by corporate giants. To others, they are sly enablers and profiteers of this country’s growing obesity epidemic. But me? I LOVE THEM. That’s why I was only too happy to march down to the local outpost and try the company’s newest offering: iced coffee.
To be fair, McDonald’s has been offering this beverage for a few weeks now, but today was the first time I actually felt motivated to take on the caffeinated beast. My thoughts after the jump…

My first instinct is that it’s a bit too pale for my tastes. I rarely, if ever, add creamer to my iced coffee.

I approach the cup…

I like the way the cup glistens; although, I suppose that has more to do with basic chemistry than it does McDonald’s magic.

The first sip is good. It’s a bit too creamy and sweet, but it still tastes quite nice.

I kind of can’t stop drinking…

I’m also eating a bowl of cereal with this (odd combo, I know), and for some reason, the food is really bringing out the coffee flavor, making this beverage much better.

Closing Thoughts:
Would I call this drink a knockout? Not necessarily. It was very good though. I’m wary of the amount of creamer involved, and a glance at McDonald’s website reveals that a small regular iced coffee (which is what this was) has 20 mg of cholesterol. Kind of high for a mere beverage. Still, for a once-in-a-while treat, I highly endorse this drink.
Keep in mind that I have yet to try similar concoctions by Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or Peet’s. Plus, I haven’t even started on Mickey D’s flavor variations: Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel (etc.). Consider this post the first in a series (but as it’s unhealthy, it will be a slowly developing series).
Anyone else tried the Iced Coffee at McDonald’s? Thoughts? Did you become afflicted with intestinal woe, as others on the internet (but not me) have reported?

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  1. as an iced coffee/latte afficionado, i have to say that of those you mention above, coffee bean is far and away my favorite! intrigued by mcdonalds though. it has been offering iced coffee on the east coast for a while now so maybe it’s time to finally check it out.

  2. It’s odd you say it’s rather new. I tried the McDonalds iced coffee about a year ago. (I’m near Buffalo NY…who knew I was in a test market area?) I did not like it..too sweet. I’m a Dunkin Donuts gal! You can add flavor shots that are calorie free and they’re not even artificially sweetened..I love coconut-you can even mix the flavors up!

  3. ugh. that ice coffee by mcdonald’s is the nasty. most because they don’t let you add your own amount of creamer and sugar. i don’t like my choices being taken away because you know it starts at mcdonald’s and then all of a sudden women can’t choose to abortions. or something like that.
    my fav. ice coffee would be at the local shop near my house or starbucks.

  4. Yeah because not being able to choose creamer is right up there with the importance of choosing an abortion.
    Abortion sucks. So does this coffee

  5. I have gone out of my way to get a 1.99 large caramel iced coffee from Micky Dee’s. You can request less creamer if you want too, they accomidate weirdos like me. I had a vanilla and thought it was pretty low on flavor. I have a bottle of sugar free hazelnut coffee syrup in my fridge and I make it at home occasionally.
    I would rather pay 2 bucks at McD’s than 5 bucks at Starbucks.

  6. We’ve had iced coffe at McDonald’s for about a year now in Tampa and I’m a big fan. I get the Vanilla Iced Coffee all the time. It’s sweet and heavy on the cream, but that’s how I love my coffee 🙂

  7. Ohh… I love the McD’s iced coffee, but I probably should not love them so much with that amount of cholesterol in them.
    My firm does a lot of McDonald franchises financial statements. They are starting to get all kinds of new coffee equipment so look for more coffee concoctions to come. They are trying to compete with Starbucks.

  8. I went into a very fancy McDonald’s in Massachusetts last week. It was very cool and they had McCafe available. I am a big Starbucks fan so I was a little skeptical…but ordered a non-fat latte.
    It was very good! Sometimes around these parts I have to settle for that dreck that Dunkin Donuts calls latte and the McDonalds latte was just so much better than that. I was probably more excited about it than I should have been but I love a good latte.

  9. Definitely try Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – my fav (order the ice-blended vanilla light – light, as in, easier on the waist line)! I have thought about trying McD’s before but as you mentioned, the light color scared me. I figured it was just flavored milk vs a real coffee drink. I think I’ll try it – once, at least.

  10. Not sure if you have Dunkin Donuts on the west coast, but if you do, stop in. Its free iced coffee day! Its my favorite day of the year!!

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