Ever since Parker lost the chance to head back into the Big Brother household two weeks ago, he’s returned to TMZ, creating a minor conflict of interest for Harvey Levin and his merry band of “celebrity videographers.” What to do when the paparazzi is more noteworthy than the subject? TMZ pokes fun at this little dilemma in a lighthearted video, but after watching it, one can’t help but to wonder if we might be facing the sort of postmodern conundrum that would have Jean Baudrillard and Michel Foucault chomping at the bit. Think about it: a guy who watches people for a show about watching people signs up for another show where he in turn will be watched by other people. Afterwards, he returns to his original show where people (the audience) now watch other people (TMZ) watch him (Parker) watch other people (celebs). It’s so meta. Who’s the watcher? Who’s the watchee? Parker? TMZ? Big Brother? Us? It’s simulacra and simulation all over again. THE COPY HAS REPLACED THE ORIGINAL! OBSERVATION IS CONTROL!! THE PANOPTICON IS REAL!!! AGGGHHHHH!!!
Aaaaand my brain is dead.
To get your mind grapes going, or if you just want to see an amusing clip, feel free to watch the video here