With the all too early exit of Amanda Overmyer from American Idol, I couldn’t help but get downright introspective. What sort of a world is this where smokey-voiced, sartorially challenged singers can’t find a mass market in America anymore? It’s not, right I tell you. It’s not!
Seriously, I was bummed that Amanda got the heave-ho last night. She was never destined to win the competition, but I loved her growly voice, her attitude, and, dare I crib a word from Paula, her authenticity. Plus, she was a nice change from the morose ballads of David Archuletta and Rambutan. Oh well.
Since the reality of another Kristy Lee Cook performance is all too harsh for people who are fans of “music” and “in tune singing,” I provide you with this distraction to help you through the day. It’s my latest contribution for Dipdive, and it dares to ask, “What Can Candidates Learn from American Idol?” OOOOH.
Check out all the goodness here.