One of the masochistic joys of Big Brother is watching players season after season become deluded with sanctimonious hypocrisy to such a degree that you just want to pull your hair out and kick over your TV. Last year, we had Evel Dick to fuel our frustrations. This time around, we have Crazy James, who in tonight’s episode proved to be so unabashedly ridiculous in his victimization that it’s hard to remember that it was only a week ago that he was pushing for Chelsia’s nomination, all under the guise of “It’s just a game!”
Apparently James forgot that “it’s just a game” because when he became the latest target of that phrase, he wouldn’t have any part of it. In fact, after he returned to the house, his position shifted from ardent defender of cold-hearted strategy to incessant woe-is-me self-aggrandizer as he repeatedly reminded every living organism within earshot that he’d been voted out of the house 5-to-1. OH THE HORRORS! He seems to have forgotten that two other houseguests, Ryan and Sharon, have similarly been ejected from the premises, but I guess since they didn’t endure the harrowing experience of a Julie Chen interview, they just don’t understand.

Yes, James got on his high horse early, and he got on often. Almost immediately, he claimed that he needed to win Head of Household not just for revenge, but to get back his dignity (something I assumed he’d lost somewhere during his first gay porn movie. Oh yes, I DID go there!). When he wasn’t playing the violin over his sullied reputation, he was complaining about all the people who didn’t keep their word to him and how painful that experience was to him. And yet, he still seems to forget that in week two —  when James was last HOH — he specifically told Matt that he’d be safe, and wouldn’t you know it, he went back on his word and nominated him anyway. I’m sure down the line if someone asks James why he got so righteous about people’s words when he himself had been similarly deceptive, he’d probably excuse his behavior, saying his sanctimoniousness was in fact just part of his strategy. However, if that were the case, would he have been so bitter in his exit interview, an event that, for all he knew, was occurring outside of the game? Methinks not!
Despite my frustration with James, his nominations do make sense from his standpoint. Sheila did vote against him to come back, and Ryan did backdoor him. However, it’s the whole self-important attitude behind the noms that drives me nuts. I mean, how can he tell Ryan, “No hard feelings,” when he himself is exhibiting crazy, crazy hard feelings? ARGH!!
I probably should not get this riled up, but hey, it’s Big Brother. This is why we watch! Half the fun is complaining! Who’s with me?