Very few people reserve the title “VIP” for me. It’s mostly just my mom and dad and the occasional Hallmark card. However, despite my perpetual outsider status, I have risen to the VIP ranks thanks to the glorious travel website, Part of the SFO Media empire, the site boasts a wide variety of news, reviews and features on hotels around the world, and recently I was invited to contribute my own article about my experiences in Paris. Little did I realize that I would be labeled a VIP Hotel Reviewer. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. And yes, I will be flaunting that title in every hotel lobby, bar, and valet station that I can find. Holiday Inn —  you best be prepared.
Anyway, for those of you who wish to read about my hotel lodgings in Paris, feel free to click the link below.
• TV Buff Finds Cheap Lodging in the Heart of Paris’ Latin Quarter [HotelChatter]

One reply on “That's Right, I'm a VIP”

  1. So, you have ‘been tapped to write the remake of “Easy Money” for MGM Studios’ huh?!
    How VIP.

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