We were all deeply shocked and saddened by Heath Ledger’s untimely death yesterday, and while those in New York City have manifested their grief by erecting a candlelit shrine for the actor, I’ve paid tribute the only way I know how: with yogurt. Yes, in honor of Heath, I ordered my frozen yogurt tonight with a topping of Heath Bar Crunch. It’s a small gesture, but heartfelt nonetheless.

To complete the pun tribute (the highest kind if you ask me), I wanted to take a picture of my yogurt next to an accounting ledger or at least a copy of the Lewisboro Ledger, but I had neither available. Instead, I simply took a picture of the yogurt on the next best thing: a ledge. Props to my friends for helping me find a ledge. (And props to Classic Concentration for my love of a good rebus.)


A great actor. A great topping.