“HONK!” If You Love Children’s Theater

AND HOW! There’s so much to love about this random, little blog post (which admittedly was published last July). There’s the utterly unabashed, un-ironic enthusiasm of its headline; there’s the ebullient comment of one Cookie Kubarek who writes “HONK! HONK!! HONK!!!” (note the steadily increasing use of exclamation points); there’s the blog author who includes a dictionary link for the word “kvelling” (oy!); there’s the fact that this production is actually called Honk!; and then there’s the photo of our young, honk-worthy stars reaching a crescendo of music and emotion, as evidenced by their outstretched arms and open mouths. I particularly like the one kid in the glasses whose lack of theatrical rapture suggests that maybe he was foisted on this production by an over-eager stage mother (a stark contrast to the short boy on the right, who’s clearly already in line for the next Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat audition).
If this post doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to check out the rest of The Falls Village Blog, a hokey corner of the web that bills itself as “News, Gossip, and Opinion from Connecticut’s Brigadoon.” Yes, it’s the ultimate small-town blog, boasting aggressively quaint pictures of frolicking children, old-fashioned fire trucks, and the ever so chic Country Couture fashion line, housed at Robin and Allen Cockerline’s Whippoorwill Farm (I’m not making this up). The site is truly something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, which means it’ll only be a matter of time before a some horrific scandal rocks its world. You know, like a black person moving to town.
Nevertheless, HONK! if you agree with me.
• “Honk!” If You Love Children’s Theater [The Falls Village Blog]