In a tragic turn of events, The Bad Newz Kennel’s reign came to a sudden and tragic end yesterday.  No, I’m not talking about Michael Vick’s after-hours canine jamboree.  I’m talking about my Fantasy Football team, which had persevered through a frustratingly streaky second-half of the year to somehow wind up in first place going into the fantasy playoffs.  Alas, thanks to Dallas Clark and Chad Johnson’s underwhelming performances, my team came up six points short, forcing me to lose to the eighth seed.  THE EIGHTH SEED!!!  Thus, I have been unceremoniously booted from the playoffs like an unwanted vagabond, effectively ending what had appeared to be my most promising shot at the fantasy football crown ever.  I will now be entering a period of mourning, which will then be followed by self-pitying, and subsequently a forty-five minute block of general lamentation.

My roster of failure after the jump…


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8 replies on “R.I.P. The Bad Newz Kennel”

  1. I don’t even like football but you wrote it so I read it, B-Side. Am I kissing up enough for your ego? I can do more: I left sg-dub’s recap of TAR to read this stuff. (As you probably know, he doesn’t like airport intrigue.)

  2. i bet the 8 seed was actually the superior team all along, and the manager is probably incredibly handsome. yeah…

  3. I refuse to believe such silliness. Clearly you are mistaken, fantasy football god. Too much hanukkah mirth for you.

  4. First of all B-Side, so grateful you are back with a web presence. I have missed you sorely during those boring moments at work (which is like, all of them….)
    Anyway. My FF team “Uncontrollable Urge” was rudely eliminated when Dungy benched Reggie Wayne in the 3rd quarter Sunday night. One more catch for like 10 yards was all I needed.
    Tony Dungy has a lot to learn from Bill Belichek. I don’t care how many ponts you’re winning by, keep scoring! We’re playing crucial fantasy games out here Tony!

  5. Which is worse, being the #1 seed and getting knocked out in the first round, or barely making the playoffs despite having Tom Brady and two other Patriots and still getting knocked out in the first round?

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