As you all know, I definitely appreciate a good airplane story.  And when it comes to stories, very few can match Dave Sedaris in the humor department.  How convenient then that in this week’s New Yorker, the acclaimed writer takes on that most vaunted of experiences:  a trans-atlantic flight red-eye.  Unlike my flight blogs, which have all taken place in the sprawling pandemonium of coach, Sedaris documents the joys and inconveniences of Business Class Elite, an entirely new and dainty beast.  It’s hilarious.  I particularly enjoyed his follies with the armrest control panel (an error, I might add, that I would NEVER make)  Thanks to Zoobabe for the link!

•  Journey Into Night [The New Yorker]

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  1. Dave? Do you regularly bro down with this guy? I’ve always heard him referred to as “David”. And there are few funnier humans. Sometimes I just think of an the essay from one of his books and can’t help but laugh. A particular favorite was “You Can’t Kill the Rooster” about the youngest Sedaris sibling, Paul. The dude is a for real ass pugilist.
    Thanks ZB.

  2. Oh yeah, Dave and I go waaaay back.
    Actually, back when I was an intern on Strangers with Candy, he came by the production office, but since I was young and dumb, I didn’t know who he was except that he was Amy Sedaris’s brother. Someone told me then that he was a writer, and I was like, oh okay.

  3. Argh! Moveabletype hates me!
    I am a huge Sedaris fan. I listen to him on CD when I am driving and I know I look ridiculous to passers-by as I laugh maniacally. Having flown both coach and business elite on the same airline he writes about (on buddy passes), I can tell you it is an embarrassment of riches but not worth the price of the fare. The pressure to drink as much as you can because it is free is palpable, and i have never been one to back down from a challenge (my routine: champagne, mojito, mojito, red wine, red wine, red wine……port, Bailey’s, unconsciousness). The sundaes rock, though, and if you ask they will save yours for breakfast.

  4. I’m glad you liked it B! It was hella-funny. I would also be the kind of person who would be embarrassed to ask for a second sundae, but I always fly coach too so what do I know?

  5. Great read. I had a lot of those kind of dinners, where we kids were told not to laugh, and cracked each other up.
    I love Amy Sedaris, and wasn’t aware of a brother. I’m glad to know it now.

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