Ranking the ten worst Real Housewives was surprisingly difficult for me as I discovered that many of the people I deemed “the worst” were actually cast members who I loved. After all, where would we be without these women? We’d be stuck with the bland Kandi Burresses and Jacqueline Lauritas of the world. Such is the paradox of the Housewives franchise. Sometimes the best people are truly the worst, and most certainly vice versa. So take this list for what it is: a jumping off-point for debate and discussion, or as it’s formally known in the Hartwell household: Drinks & Dialogue.

10. Lynne Curtin, Orange County


In many ways, I really like Lynne a lot. She seems sweet, she means well, and a lot of time she seems to be totally misunderstood. But then there are all the bad things: buying a $1,000 jacket after having been evicted from her home; refusing to discipline her teenage daughters despite them all but begging for it; encouraging insane plastic surgery and passing on body image issues to her kids, etc. etc. etc. There are times when I just want to shake this woman, but Lynne never seems to get it. She’s certainly not the worst of the worst, but she definitely can cause aggravation.

9. Vicki Gunvalson, Orange County


By the end of season four, crazy Vicki Gunvalson was truly out of control. She and Tamra had joined forces to become a two-headed demon monster of awfulness. Somewhere along the way, Vicki seemed to realize the errors of her ways, and in season five, she made an effort to be a better person. Thank goodness for that because had she stayed on her vile path, she would have been ranked much higher on this list. Nevertheless, Vicki certainly improved her image greatly, but she still has a long way to go. She still is incredibly judgmental, abrasive, hypocritical, and nasty. Oh, and CRAZY too. Of course, compared to most of her other cast-mates, she’s positively benign. Despite all this, there is something likable about Vicki, and in many ways, she has remained the star of the series year in and year out. That’s what’s difficult about her. Do we love her or hate her? Heck, I almost put her on the “Best” list. But ultimately she’s been too much of a Mean Girl to be with the Best.

8. LuAnn De Lesseps, New York City


This may sound strange, but I adore The Countess. I’ve always thought she was one of the best to watch, but my love, she is truly terrible this season. LuAnn has gone off her rocker, and whereas she once had this wonderful blueblood haughtiness about her, now she just seems ornery. I don’t care that she’s judgmental — that might be my favorite quality about her. It’s just that she’s become highfalutin and sanctimonious. Don’t get me wrong — every scene with her is priceless. But let’s be honest, can we really put her on a Best list when she romances a goblin and releases an utterly embarrassing song? She kind of is the worst — in the best possible way. Hmmm… maybe she deserves an honorary mention on the other list too. I’M TORN.

7. Jill Zarin, New York City


It sort of breaks my heart to include Jill Zarin on this list. For two seasons, I thought she was one of the best. True, she was overbearing, but she was smart, capable, empathetic, and ultimately a good person. Unfortunately, she went off the rails this season, and while at first I was sort of on her side with the whole Bethenny situation, Jill did one too many things that just felt deplorable. There was the nasty email to Kelly about Bethenny. There was her immature reaction to Bethenny’s engagement (and her father’s death). There was the way she wickedly lapped up gossip as if it were her lifeblood. Jill stopped becoming the Jill we love and instead turned into a monster. I do think there can be redemption for her though. She’s too smart to go down this path. And truth be told, she still has some of that charm we all loved in seasons past. Like the Countess, I do still love Jill, but for now though, she’s kind of a disaster.

6. Teresa Giudice, New Jersey


This one. Ugh. Okay, so far on this list, I’ve included women who are kind of awful but I secretly love. Teresa I don’t love. She’s pretty awful in and of herself. The word “tacky” doesn’t even do her justice. I have no doubt that she’s very sweet and nice and kind, and all evidence points to her being a loving mother and wife and friend. But my goodness. What she does to her children! The pageants, the clothes, the lavish birthdays… It’s no wonder they’re totally out of control. And let’s not overlook her frequently idiotic comments. Nor should we overlook the way she let her husband off the hook for calling their daughter UGLY. Plus, I don’t know if this is just me, but I was a bit perturbed by the way she immediately turned on Danielle in season one when The Book came out. I can understand the Manzos; they never liked her. But Teresa was supposed to be her friend. What the hey?

5. Tamra Barney, Orange County


Housewives come younger, but they don’t come much bitchier. The self-proclaimed HOT housewife, Tamra is one of the more awful people on reality TV. She’s increasingly catty, generally inane, and totally materialistic. As much as she states that she hates drama, she’s frequently at the heart of it, and like Vicki, she was absolutely intolerable at the end of season four. The fifth season, however, brought not necessarily redemption for Tamra but instead some sympathy. With her marriage and financial situation crumbling before our eyes, we saw a more vulnerable side to her, and while she was still fairly terrible, at least she was interesting. Thanks to her wretched husband Simon, we actually felt bad for Tamra. She has a ways to go before she can ever be lovable, but hey, at least she’ll always be fascinating. And major bonus points for the way she stuck it to Simon in the end.

4. Alexis Bellino, Orange County


And then we have Alexis. The First Lady of vapid small talk, Alexis is just insufferable. She’s not really mean, per se. She’s just prickly and without substance. She makes my skin crawl in the worst possible way. I don’t know if its her convenient religiousness, her devotion to her boor husband, or the nagging sense that she never really thinks for herself, but everything about her seems to be wrong. I’m willing to overlook the fact that she has two nannies for three kids, but I’m not sure I can be so lenient about her penchant for starting up with random women she perceives to be hitting on her husband (as if that would happen). Plus, let’s not overlook her philosophy that she must look as good as possible or risk losing her man. Not the healthiest outlook there is. And, as long as I’m harping, I hate her fashion sense. There. I said it.

3. Kim Zolciak, Atlanta


Kim Zolciak is a true piece of work. She is awful in so many ways, and that’s kind of what makes her great. She’s just this grotesque vision of what is wrong with America. When she’s not smoking ten packs an hour or swilling chardonnay in her car, she’s stuffing her kids with fast food and falling back in love with a married man, all because he buys her fancy gifts, which she justifies as tokens of love. In the midst of it all, she’s misspelling the word “cat” (“K-A-T”), enduring fake cancer scares, cringing at the sight of a mortar and pestle, and stuffing herself into clothes so tight, it makes me wonder if she really did get implants or if perhaps all the blood in her body has merely been forced into her heaving bosom. Let’s not forget the makeup Spackled on her face, her ridiculous (yet wonderful) dance single, and the fact that she apparently is a pathological liar. I mean, have we ever seen a greater mess? She’s a trainwreck, and in many ways, that makes her one of the best Housewives ever. But only because she’s one of the worst.

2. Danielle Staub, New Jersey


There are some awful Housewives, but none are perhaps as deranged and psychotic as Danielle. Who knows about her checkered past. I almost don’t care about that. What’s really at issue here is that this woman is obsessed with both being accepted by the Manzos and the world at large. True, she might say she doesn’t care, but she most certainly does. Why else would she go out of the way to drive all around NJ to potentially crash their party? Why else would she happily invite them to her daughter’s celebration luncheon? And why else would she bring an entourage to the Brownstone? She’s got a major chip on her shoulder, and while yes, I do believe she’s faced an uphill battle most of her life, it’s hard to imagine that she didn’t bring most of it about herself. Danielle is abrasive and overbearing, and if anyone’s read her blogs on Bravo, she’s totally vicious, happy to hit below the belt if she needs to. The sad thing is that without her, The Real Housewives of New Jersey would be unwatchable. Go figure.

1. Kelly Killoren Bensimon, New York City


For the first half of season two, Kelly Bensimon just sort of ambled about with no personality. She barely seemed to say anything, and quite frankly, it looked like Bravo had struck out with their latest bit of casting. And then Kelly fought with Bethenny, and we saw a whole new side of her. The woman was delusional, crazy, narcissistic, and totally awful. More awful than we could ever imagine. Over the next few episodes and through the reunion, she just got worse and worse, making less sense as she went along. Strangely enough, she seemed to be rather well-adjusted in season three, and at times, she was even likable, but again, we saw the brewing storm down in the Caribbean when an entire episode and a half was dedicated to her craziness. Never before has so much psychosis been on display with the Housewives, and in some ways it feels cruel to label Kelly as the #1 worst housewife when she perhaps suffers from serious mental problems. But let’s be honest. She really is the worst. Isn’t she?

What do you think? And be sure to check out the Ten Best Real Housewives here.

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  1. I think we are all pretty much pissed about the TV guide article so

    let’s let everyone know. Bravo cannot be counted on as far as

    listening to viewers go.
    Plan is to email TV Guide and as many others as you like.
    Then post on every blog and facebook you can think of like we did with

    petition. Just copy and paste the following:

    We, the viewers of Real Housewives of New York are fed up with Jill

    Zarin and the way she is portrayed in the press and on TV. Just last

    night she was on EXTRA promoting a book that is well known to be

    garbage. A. Chandle the #1 reviewer at Amazon.com

    http://www.amazon.com/review/RA5UPKPM4DJAK has been threatened and

    harrassed by Jill Zarin. Jill Zarin has written positive reviews for

    her own book under fake names while posting negative reviews to her

    castmate’s books. She also has a history of posting fake reviews

    dating back to 1995 at the Fabric store her husband owns.
    Please keep this woman off TV and out of the press. It is time for her

    to pay the consequences for her actions.
    Thank You,
    Housewives viewers

  2. I agree with your points on Teresa; however, she did give us the magnificent “Prostitution Whore!” and table flip. That’s gotta be worth something.

  3. The Best Worst should be a category. Clearly Kim Z is the winner. She is even plotting a lesbian angle this year!!

    Really. They should give her a spin-off. She doesn’t need an ensemble. I’d watch it.

    Alexis and Danielle are terrible and have no entertainment value.

    I also hope for the Jill redemption arc.

  4. never watch these shows, but they’ve pretty much all got on some hot shoes.

  5. I think Alexis is my most despised. She thinks she has it all together but she is an idiot with a controlling moron for a husband. Her fake tits and her plastic surgery are ridiculous and yes she has no fashion sense. She looks to be headed for a fall a la Tamra.

  6. I’m surprised Tamra isn’t a little farther up on the list, at least in front of Alexis. With all her vile hatred of Gretchen and crazy stories about boyfriends she’s never met calling her in the middle of the night, she’s way more awful than Alexis and her brainwashed view of the world. (I know that husband helped feed that need to look good all the time with some sort of backhanded compliments)

  7. I give this list the jennifer30309 Seal of Approval. Kelly is the most frustrating, most deluded, and perhaps a bit deranged. She is the housewife I would most like to punch. 1-8 are all deluded and annoying in a benign way. But Danielle is truly, truly psychotic. I think that given the opportunity she would put a hit out on the Manzos. Bringing Hell’s Angels to a fundraiser for baby cancer! That’s so much worse than quibbling at the CANCER SOCIETY.

  8. While trying to choose my most hated housewife, it occurred to me that it changes every year. I have always considered Ramona as my most hated, but now this year, she has actually been more likable than Jill (which I never thought would happen). I think this is not only a direct result of the editing, but also what they may be going through personally during filming.

    My worst… Vicki. HATE! I do not see anything even remotely redeeming about her. Her parenting skills are atrocious… “sorry, hon- I can’t make your Dr. Appointment and possible cancer diagnosis, I have a meeting”. I mean, Jesus, she owns the company! And her marriage is an obvious sham, she treats her Husband like a dog. Even though a lot of these nutjobs are hideous, at least they’re entertaining. I don’t find Vicki entertaining at all. I find her cold, manipulative, and immature.

    I could have easily chosen Danielle instead, but she is obviously just very, very sick, sad, and desperate. Danielle is a victim of her own mental illness, while Vicki is just a bitch.

  9. Pretty much in agreement on everything except Lynne. She seems overly ditzy but she is non-threatening.

    Danielle would be the worst for me, as Kelly’s insanity does seem to come from real mental problems, which just doesn’t seem funny anymore.

    I still find Jill’s martyrdom with the Bethenny plot deplorable. When you have someone crying in front of you, pretty much on her knees saying she’s wrong, she loves you, and begging for forgiveness, and you are still calculating on how to juice out every ounce of guilt from her, it is just plain mean and heartless. And I believe this is why she belongs much higher on the list and has received the ire of pretty much everyone.

    As for the Countess…it is so hard not to like her awfulness. I would have to put on her the BEST list as well.

  10. KKB earned her top spot. I don’t know how Giles put up with that.

    Which leads me to a b-side blog request:
    Could you possibly consider doing the top Real Housewives spouses/boyfriends.?


    1. Great idea HB!! And if #1 worst doesn’t start with and Sl- and end with an -ade I’m going on strike.

      1. #1 is absolutely, positively Alexis’s owner, I mean husband. He is disgusting in every way.

    2. Believe it or not, I actually thought about that earlier today. Perhaps in time…

      1. I would love that, Slade is a definate front runner. The guy can’t stop clinging to suedo-fame by dating any housewife available. However, I have to say Alexis and her gorilla of a husband are the absolute worst couple, so I believe he could battle for the top spot? I think when it comes to the best guys you might have an even tougher time because some of these hardworking genuine guys have to put up with some serious craziness!

        P.S. I just came across your blog while doing a search for McKelea from The Hills(Who I think is great) and I most say it is amazing! You are hillarious!

  11. Kelly and Danielle are both mentally ill. Not really fair to hold them resposible for their behavior. Bravo shouldn’t be exploiting the crazy …

  12. Glad 2 see kelly was # 1. If anyone ever told me to “zip it” i would shake them till their teeth fell out. Maybe kelly would make more sense if more people spoke tweekanese. 🙂

  13. Kelly is really awful and she needs to get some mental help and/or drug rehab STAT! How the hell does that woman have a job?

    Danielle is very scary! If I were the Manzo’s I would put a restraining order on her.

  14. Great list. I agree that these women are entertaining to watch.
    I think you should now rearrange these last two lists by the best legs.

  15. I agree with all but 2. I love Lynn and honestly feel that she can’t help who she is. She doesn’t realize the things she does or doesn’t do. some people are just like that.

    Teresa-After reading this weeks blog and her unlashing on Danielle (after weeks of Danielle bashing her) she has moved up in my book. yes she’s a Diva and does everything and anything for her girls, but she’s just trying to be the best mom that she can be. And if you watch the first season again, she really wasn’t that close with Danielle, she was more of a Jacquline “sidekick” and was always around when Danielle wanted to hang out too.

    You hit the nail on the head with the top 2. Kelly and Danielle are just horrible people and truley hope they both get the help they need, not only for themselves, but for their children as well.

  16. i think u left out some of them like Caroline she is nasty and mean… IMO Teresa is way worst than Danielle but i guess this is your blog lol…

  17. Great list. I agree with the fact that if Danielle is not on the show it would be unwatchable. Teresa and her chipmunk puffed, and her drunk driving husband no helmet wearing daughters. I cannot.lol. Danielle in all her insane glory makes the show what it is supposed to be ENTERTAINING. Great job thanks.

  18. I agree that Danielle and Kelly are the two worst, but I’m not sure who is 1 and who is 2. Kelly is mentally is, but she’s also conceited, stupid, and mean. Danielle is flat dangerous. Either one is likely to hurt someone if they continue on the shows. The difference might be that Kelly would deny doing it and Danielle would enjoy doing it.

  19. I have three choices tied for # 1 worst housewives: LuMann, Alexis and Danielle.

    I’ve never liked LuMann. She is a huge bore….haughty, condescending, rude…constantly talking over people…all the while preaching her ‘manners and etiquite’. Every scene she was in this season, I found myself yelling at the TV…’Shut up LuAnn! STFU!!!!!!’ And her scene with Coerte was just G.R.O.S.S.! WTF????

    Alexis is an asshole. Full of herself and her ‘religion’. And her asshole, control freak husband Jim makes me want to punch him in the face.

    Danielle…WTF??? WTF??? I am embarrassed for her children. I am embarrassed watching any scene she is in. She has completely turned me off the Jersey bitches…Although they never had any entertainment factor where I was concerned anyway. Stupidest bunch of women (next to Atlanta) on television.

  20. Caroline Manzo should be among the worst. She attacked Danielle’s underage children and then denied it, while proclaiming herself a defender of family. Santimonious, judgemental, and just plain mean, Caroline is critical of Danielle for past crimes, but has no comment or concerns about Bernie Kerik, a convicted felon remaining close with her sacred family. And, OMG, who styled Caroline this season? Blend in that blush, put on some spanx and reduce the hair product, somebody tell her the truth – Caroline looks like a streetwalker.

  21. I would have put Lynne higher on the list. She and her husband are professional con-artists, perpetually house-hopping as they scam one landlord after another. I think there is way more of a history to that story than what we saw on TV. When the younger daughter said that she’s never known what “home” is because they’ve always moved every six months, that was the give away for me. Oh, and they’ve raised the two most vapid, waste-of-air offspring I think we’ve ever seen on any one of these franchises. Even Tamra’s loser adult son has at times held a job and can form a sentence without saying “like” every other syllable. There was this one conversation between them at the beach last season where I felt like my brain cells were going to start popping if I heard “like” one more time.

  22. This is the best list ever! Couldn’t agree with you more, although I must admit I might swap Kelly and Danielle. Its a tough one. Both are crazy but I am seriously worried that Danielle might have the Manzo clan knocked off.

  23. For the most part I agree with who is on you list, though my order is a bit different.
    10. Lauri Waring Peterson…she doesn’t have one single redeeming quality. She is totally vapid and really seems like all she was fir her Brady Bunch of kids was an incubator.
    9. LuAnn de Leseppes
    8. Jill Zarin
    7. Alexis Bellino
    6. Lisa Wu-Hartwell – I LOVE Lisa but she is incredibly petty and catty. Her “If it doesn’t make me money I don’t do it.” is such bullshit cause everything she does ends in failure. Her business have all failed, as have her marriages to both Keith Sweat and Ed Hartwell. She is a firecracker…fun to watch yet incredibly dangerous.
    5. Tamra Barney-Vieth
    4. Vicki Gunvalson
    3. Kim Zolciak
    2. Kelly Killoren-Bensimon
    1. Danielle Staub

  24. Wait! Wait! Waittaminute!
    Lisa Wu Hartwell and Ed Hartwell are “no more”?????? Did I miss a chunk of Housewives gossip?
    I know NeNe and Greg (insert sad face here) but Lisa and Ed?
    The one thing I loved about RHOA is that it showed loving, successful African American marriages, which WE NEVER GET TO SEE in the movies etc. It’s all exploitation and “babies-mamas”. I have always thought it a terrible awful shame that America doesn’t get to see the good ones! I hope this isn’t true.

    As for the list, I like Vicki, and I completely got behind her the past season. I understand her annoyance with the rest of the non-working girls. I especially like that (fingers crossed) we will NEVER see her claim bankruptcy or be living beyond her means. I believe Vicki is one of the only legitimately wealthy women on the show.

    And every time I write about RHONY or watch an episode, I am waiting for Jill to redeem herself. She will…it will take some time, but I swear she will. Even when she is being catty, she speaks the truth. She just needs to learn to bite her tongue and not try to be too witty, because with someone like Bethenny, it comes off as funny, with someone like Jill, it comes off as cruel and ill-intended.

    1. Chandra, and everyone else for that matter, I misspoke. It is DeShawne Snow and Eric Snow who are getting divorced, not Lisa Wu-Hartwell and Ed Hartwell. I got my crazy RHOA biatches mixed up. Sorry for the confusion 🙁

  25. Right on except for LuAnn. Believe it or not I learn from her a lot. She can tell it like it is but she can be supportive to friends. She doesn’t hold crudges is very sociable and doesn’t look high maintenace. She is willing to try new things like the song and with Court ( the man she dated on the show) she was nice but aggresive enough to get a 2nd date to play tennis. Overall she is okay and should be out of the worst in my opinion

    1. I like (not LOVE) Luann also. She is quite entertaining (when she is not singing). However, I have to say that she does hold grudges. The giveaway: How long did she wait for Mario to apologize for the “Countless” remark? Until the end of the show. If that isn’t holding a grudge, then what is?

      1. Bonbon you are right about the Mario incident but that was off character for her. I mean Bethany called her a snake and she did not hold to it emotionally, Alex told her about the comment of her kids and she was cool about it. Ramona told her about how it was her fault about the meeting of Jill and Bethany in Ramona’s house and she didn’t take it too bad. What I mean she usually does not attach emotionally to these things as the other housewives.

        1. True Chef.
          And she never responded to Jill’s nasty quip about the invitation not being thought out (or “Well, you can see you didn’t put much though into it” or somesuch).
          She has a pretty thick skin and for this, I really do enjoy and admire her.

  26. This is a random comment, I know, but the Countess’s toes in her picture are freaking me out. They’re like tiny black olives trying to escape.

    In other fashion-related news, did anyone else hear Kelly tell Jill that she never dresses sexy? What the?? Girlfriend must not own a mirror.

    1. Kelly always does that. It’s her way of fishing for compliments. She’s just begging for Jill to say “Oh, but you ARE sexy all the time.” Very declasse.

  27. Oh! It’s the Snow’s. Still sad though, I liked them. And they were college sweethearts, which was SO CUTE. I wish their faith in God and their church could intervene, what a shame.

    LMAO @ Joanna!!! Black olives trying to escape!!! OMG! Good eye!

    Request for next article:
    What happened to the ex-cast mates?

    Lauri Waring-Peterson, Tammy Knickerbocker, Jo De La Rosa, Jeana Keough, Quinn Fry, DeShawn Snow, and who else am I missing? (soon to be Jennifer Gilbert I guess, even though she was never on it…. and perhaps Bethenny Frankel if her cry for more $$ goes unheard)

  28. My list would look something like this (and YES, subject to change on some of them, depending on how Bravo edits them):
    1. Danielle Staub: Mean spirited, hypocritical, Ugly {how did her girls turn out so beautiful?}, vindictive and paranoid=Dangerous. True watermelon rind trash. I can smell her through the t.v. B-side, I would have trouble eating a Subway after she had been there!
    2. Theresa Giudice: Owes 11 million dollars to others and not only spending like she won the Powerball, but showing off like no one’s business. Filing for bankruptcy, which means everyone gets rooked out of monies owed: Deadbeats, she and her jooocey hubby, Joe.
    3.Kim Z.: Elch! Poor Big Papa. She’s just gnarly in every way. Must give really good head.
    4.She by Sheree: She’s just such a Narcissist without anything to back it up. What a mouth on her and a no talent, at that.
    5. Alexis Bellino: Get over yourself and stop hiding behind G-d. Jeez Loueez. Husband is number one worst husband on any of Real Housewives!
    6. Jill Zarin: We’ve just witnessed everything we need to see. She doesn’t need to get a hobby. She needs to get a job. And, Andy Cohen, she’s BAD for the Jews. This is being said from one who is a Jew.
    7.Vicky G.: Hypocrite. It’s okay for her to disturb a meal with her cell phone, but not for Alexis. She can dish it, but can’t take it.
    8.Lynn Curtin: Oh G-d, what I thought was a nice person last season is simply a shallow piece of flotsam taking up precious space here on planet earth. I feel sorry for not only for her husband and horrible children but for all the landlords she has rooked out of money. Her cuffs are disgusting, too.
    9.Kelly K.B.: As Bethenny says, she does believe her own self-proclaimed myth. She’s neither a writer or a super model. I have her down low, because I honestly feel she is developmentally delayed and has either a serious mental or drug problem. I do not think she is really vicious.
    10.Jacqueline L.: Big surprise? Well, she plays the nice girl too well. In the Bible, it says that she who listens to gossip is as much to fault as the gossiper. She loved having all the info on everyone!Too much Botox has gone to her brain which appears to be non-existent. If she has anymore Botox, her one brain cell will be destroyed. Her daughter is awful, too. Dumb and Dumber. I really cannot stand this boring piece of plastic.

    1. Although I loved it when she called Danielle “Psycho Bitch”, even if it wasn’t to her face.
      I also thought it was sweet of her to make Dina the G-dmother and for the reasons she did. Very touching.
      I suppose it really is true that inside most everyone, there is some good.
      Can’t say I find anything good about Danielle, except that she DOES make the show worth watching for all the drama she creates. Otherwise, I am sad to say that the entire show would be the Lalapalooza of Snooze Festivals.

  29. Has everybody forgot about Gretchen Rossi? She belongs on that list instead of Lynn. Her alleged JB Foundation that doesn’t exist. Her ex collecting court damages from her lack of proof to her allegations against him. Makeup line that is probably made up, because she supposedly only changed labels on the product. Money never donated to LLS from her itune song dedicated to JB. She collected over 2 million from the death of JB all the while claiming she got nada. Naked dirty photos all over the internet. And the worst act she did is photograph herself with a vibrator that actually has an electrical cord. How ancient is that? At least take some of your money and buy one that is more up to date. Her BF owes between 80 to 100 grand in back support for a child with incurable brain cancer. I am shocked that she gets a pass.

    1. Just read about the fake charity she claimed with the Leukemia Society. Not nice. Not good. Just hoping she is giving the money to The Leukemia Society and her thinking she started a charity in Jeff’s name is just an egomaniacal thing.
      But, different people act out in various ways with sickness and death of a loved one. Some retreat inward and others go wild.
      I also don’t think we should hold an electric vibrator against her: she hasn’t had the priviledge of Samantha Jones’ friendship and knowledge.
      Babs, I have heard about Slade’s deadbeatdadness. Where is the proof? I am a bit behind the times with that one and would like to read where it is stated as fact. Thanks, darling.

  30. What I would love to see is Jacqueline to leave (she and her ameoba brained daughter) and bring in Kim G. For even though Kim G. is Danielle’s friend, at least she would have a chance to see her for what she is. And she is a bit of an interesting character, did chew out Danielle for her thuggy friend’s (Danny…interesting name) Fa–ot comments. And honestly, 4 against 1 is not at all interesting anymore. Just isn’t. What do you think, my love?

  31. I think Dina is the “Goner”. If you see the Bravo advertisement with the swimming pool, there’s no Dina to be found.

  32. I don’t watch the OC wives very much but I agree with this list for the most part. I would personally put Teresa on my “Best” list simply because of how much she makes me laugh. I remember on the first episode expecting to see some major hunk of a husband in Joe by the way she described him, and just laughed when we got our first glimpse of “Juicy Joe”. I think it’s hilarious how badly she spoils her children, and I hope we learn what they’re like in 10-15 years (monsters!!). Plus she did give us “Prostitution WHOREEEEEE”, a phrase I frequently use since hearing her coin that term. The Countess was always enjoyable to watch, until this season when she couldn’t get herself off her high horse. Kim Z just makes me want to vomit. Danielle is a mess (I want to rescue her kids and bring them to safer grounds) and Kelly just….ugh.

  33. Why is it that no one seems to mention that Danielle(HWNYJ) had a celebratory luncheon for her daughter without her daughter. Really it was a congrats to herself for … idk giving birth?
    Did she ever have a celebration for her daughter at all. I just feel disgusted every time she is shown with her kids, because she always does something to make me feel bad for them.

  34. NeNe and Sheree as good guys? and Alexis and Lynne as bad guys? Did I miss an episode or a season? I agree with both lists with the exception of the above 4

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